Where Pet Store Puppies Come From

“We don’t buy from puppy mills.”

“All of our puppies come from small, local breeders.”

“We visit every breeder we buy from.”

We have all heard these sentences come from the mouths of pet store owners and their employees. They paint this beautiful picture of puppies running by a pond and parents frolicking in the fresh, green grass… Sadly, 99% of the time that is false. The truth is that reputable breeders would never sell their puppies in pet stores. The pet store owners know it, the employees might know it- but the customer is completely in the dark.

This is why we are here.

On top of the Puppy Mill Map Research that our research team has been compiling and releasing, our volunteers have also been diligently researching pet stores across the country to find out where they are buying their puppies from. Not surprisingly, many pet stores are buying from large scale commercial dog breeders (puppy mills) who have dozens to hundreds of dogs and many violations. Below are the states in which we have CVI data for some of their pet stores, our volunteer team is still working on more states and stores! This is by no means a full list of all of the stores selling puppies. 

Please read the links below to see which businesses are selling puppies across the country and don’t forget to SHARE. 

Please note: this is a very time consuming (and expensive) research project that our volunteers are taking on! We are adding states and stores as we obtain the data, this is not the full list of stores that sell puppies in the United States!

We have also recently released an interactive map to show the full scope of the puppy mill epidemic. You can view that here. 

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Nationwide Puppy-Laundering Scheme and Sham Rescues

          1. Hobo K9 Rescue
          2. Rescue Pets Iowa 
          3. Pet Connect Rescue.  
          4. Dogs to the Rescue Ohio.
          5. Little Paw Animal Rescue
          6. Mother Dog Rescue
          7. Boondogs Rescue


The Nation’s Largest Puppy Brokers

          1.  Blue Ribbon Puppies 
          2.  JAKS Puppies
          3. Becky Busboom  
          4. Crittersville Enterprises 


Online Puppy Brokering Websites

          1. PuppySpot

You can also read our research exposing puppy mill transports during Covid-19 here.

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To learn more about how we obtain these pet store records. You can listen to Episode 3 of our podcast “Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills” on your preferred podcast app or watch on Youtube


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