Bailing Out Benji is a small, non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating the public and providing them with the most current and accurate data regarding the puppy mill industry.   We are 501c3 nonprofit organization: EIN 47-1652323

Bailing Out Benji is volunteer based and we work tirelessly to educate about the puppy mill problem across the United States and work to inspire more advocates to make change in their own communities by providing them with the educational tools to do so. We have volunteer teams all over the United States who are ready and able to come to an event near you to educate about puppy mills! Click here to learn more about our teams or contact us about volunteer opportunities here. 

Bailing Out Benji is also committed to providing the most current and accurate data regarding the puppy mill industry. Our volunteer research team monitors puppy mills across the country and tracks them to the pet stores they are supplying. Through our new interactive website, you can see which puppy mills are in your state, while also seeing the pet stores that sell puppies from puppy mills. 

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Dog by Dog Documentary

Bailing Out Benji and our founder are both honored to have been featured in the documentary Dog by Dog which is now available on  Amazon, Itunes and more! This film educates about the puppy mill industry and the money that keeps it thriving.

Please check out this incredibly (non-graphic) film and learn the truth about the puppy mill industry!