Bailing Out Benji is a small, non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating the public and providing them with the most current and accurate data regarding the puppy mill industry. We are a volunteer based 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our tax EIN is 47-1652323  

We are fighting to put an end to puppy mills, but not like everyone else.

We work to expose the known puppy mills, while also researching and reporting the unlicensed facilities. 

A puppy mill is any high-volume breeder that puts the profit over the welfare of these animals.

Puppy mills are facilities that cut corners in veterinary care, quality of food, and genetic tests to save money; while also forcing dogs to live in high confinement situations with little-to-no human interaction. Dogs in puppy mills exist solely to produce puppies and are not treated like family pets.

click image to view our puppy mill maps, research and interactive website.

We work to expose pet stores that source their puppies from puppy mills. 

We collect government health records and trace puppies and kittens as they move from the puppy mill to the pet store. and online websites

Click image to view our pet store research. We obtain government health documents and trace puppies moving from puppy mills to pet stores all over the country.

We are working to give the public the tools they need to be the best animal advocates possible.

Click the image to learn more about becoming a volunteer. We have active teams all over the country that are working hard every single day for the dogs.

  Bailing Out Benji is a volunteer based nonprofit organization that works tirelessly to educate about the puppy mill problem across the United States.

On top of our research efforts, we work to inspire more advocates to make change in their own communities by providing them with the educational tools to do so. This includes providing our educational materials and puppy mill maps for free.  

We can’t do our important work without your help.Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today.  


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