Wisconsin Pet Store/Puppy Mill Connection


All research and information was done by the research team at Bailing Out Benji  and must be cited as such when shared or quoted!
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Our unique research connects puppy mills and commercial dog breeders across the country to the pet stores and online websites they sell through.

Through Freedom of Information Act requests, our team forensically audits government health records and inspection records and makes that information public in order to provide transparency for the consumer. Below you will find a list of all of the research that we have done into some of the nation’s most notorious businesses. Everything that we do can be independently verified through obtaining FOIA requests from governmental agencies across the country. To make it easy, our research is organized by business designation type, state and business name. 

The research we do can be very costly but it has proven to be the most effective tool advocates have in order to create change in their communities. To date we have connected more than 65% of the nation’s puppy-selling stores to the puppy mills and commercial dog breeders they buy from. 

Please note: We are adding stores and breeding connections as we obtain the data, this is not the full list of stores or businesses that sell puppies in the Wisconsin! This is a very time consuming and expensive research project that our small team is taking on! 

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Bailing Out Benji is a small nonprofit that started in Ames, Iowa and now has volunteer teams all over the country who are dedicated to raising awareness about the puppy mill industry, this includes Wisconsin

Volunteers from Bailing Out Benji devote their free time to researching puppy mills to create puppy mill maps for the worst states, as well as raise awareness about notorious pet stores and breeding operations with huge violations. This includes obtaining CVI data (Certificates of Veterinary Inspections) and making those reports public. 


-Before an animal is transported out of state, a veterinarian, accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), must examine the animal for signs of “infectious, contagious or communicable disease” and, if no disease is found, sign the certificate for approval to transport.

To make this easier, we will be breaking our research down alphabetically by each pet store and connecting them to the various puppy mills they use. All of this information has come from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture (DATCP) and the USDA. All of the breeders listed as associated with the pet stores sold puppies or kittens to them in the years 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019. 

*Please note*  CVI records are required when animals cross state lines. Puppies sourced from puppy mills within the state of Wisconsin aren’t reflected below as those sales are not tracked by the government.



 Corner’s Pet Grooming AKA Prom’s Pets: 5430 108th St,  Hales Corners, WI 53130

  1. Steven Steele, Heritage Puppies.  Lake Mills Iowa- 325 adult breeding dogs and 72 puppies.
  2. David J Nisley. Westby, Wisconsin- 161 adult breeding dogs and 82 puppies. 


Lil’ Pets- 23 Park Ridge Dr #1b, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Information obtained from state inspection reports.

  1. Aaron Hostetler and Barbara Hostetler. Stetsonville, Wisconsin- 46 adult breeding dogs and 38 puppies. This facility was named one of the worst puppy mills in the nation in 2018. 


Petland Janesville- 2021 Humes Rd, Janesville, Wisconsin- 

  1. Herman Schindler, QD Kennels. Frankford, Missouri- is a large puppy broker in Missouri.
  2. Steven Steele, Heritage Puppies.  Lake Mills Iowa- 325 adult breeding dogs and 72 puppies.


Petland Racine- 2310 S Green Bay Road Wisconsin- 

  1. Abby Anderson and family, Arrow Valley LLC FKA Sugar Fork Kennels. Goodman, Missouri- This facility had 180 adult breeding dogs and 174 puppies. Under their old license number and name (Sugar Fork Kennels), this facility had a direct violation due to an inspector finding an extremely thin adult breeding dog with very prominent hips and spine, as well as white gums. The dog had not been seen by a veterinarian. In order to hide this violation, they changed license numbers and names. 
  2. Becky and David Flanders, Coffeyville Oklahoma- 37 adult breeding dogs and 11 puppies. Recently downsized from over 100 adult breeding dogs.
  3. Brandon Russow, Russow Ranch. Odessa, Missouri- 56 adult breeding dogs and 28 puppies. 
  4. Dee Cowan, Cowboy Bullies. Oronogo Missouri- 42 adult breeding dogs and 8 puppies.
  5. Dorene Yoder. Shipshewana, Indiana- 41 adult breeding dogs and 31 puppies.
  6. Dustin Westercamp and Jill Westercamp. Farmington, Iowa –  71 adult breeding dogs and 37 puppies. Westercamp had violations in 2020 including: not having information on 45 dogs on their property and using cattle panels in their outdoor kennels, allowing the dogs’ heads to be stuck. 
  7. Jake Kruse, K&E Kennels. Salem, Iowa- 218 adult breeding dogs and 81 puppies. This facility received violations in 2022. 
  8. Jesse and Jolene Troyer, Puppy Playland. Shipshewana, Indiana- 72 adult breeding dogs and 58 puppies. 
  9. Judy Raney, Raney’s Royal Dogs. Liberty, Kansas- 54 adult breeding dogs and 39 puppies. 
  10. Judy Speak Miller, Monark Puppies.  Neosho Missouri- 71 adult breeding dogs and 62 puppies. 
  11. Levi Graber, Blue Ribbon Puppies. Odon,  Indiana– 219 puppies. This puppy mill broker was also named one of the worst in the nation due to a huge campylobacter outbreak in Petland stores. To learn more about Blue Ribbon Puppies, click here
  12. Lorna Dismang, Indian Ridge Kennel. Pleasant Hope, Missouri- 172 adult breeding dogs and 76 puppies. 
  13. Mike West and Sharon West, Hillside Kennels. Unionville, Iowa- 51 adult breeding dogs and 16 puppies.
  14. Raymond Schlabach, Dreamy Puppy. Campbell Hill, Illinois- 32 adult breeding dogs and 12 puppies. 
  15. Stacie Stutesman, ShowMe Puppies.  Eldorado Springs, Missouri-  80 adult breeding dogs and 74 puppies. 
  16. Steven Jones and Kelly Jones, Showme Pets. Oronogo, Missouri- 66 adult breeding dogs and 23 puppies. This facility has violations on the state level including: operating with an expired license; missed inspections; and housing dogs in an unlicensed location for breeding. 
  17. Terri Schneiders and Johanna Abernathy, Willowbrook Cavaliers.  Quapaw, Oklahoma- 64 adult breeding dogs and 33 puppies.  This facility has cancelled their license numerous times in an attempt to hide from violations.



The Pet Supply- 309 Railroad St, Wonewoc, WI 53968

  1. Jane E Fry, KD Kennels (Also owns The Pet Supply). Wonewoc, Wisconsin- 40 adult breeding dogs and 25 puppies. This facility has state violations that include not cleaning the kennels at least once a week. 


Pic-A-Pet- 2421 WI-25 , Menomonie, Wisconsin

  1. Jean Secraw, Silver Linings Kennel (owns Pic-A-Pet) Colfax, Wisconsin – 60 adult breeding dogs and 19 puppies. They previously opposed legislation that would increase to the primary enclosure size for dogs in commercial kennels. They (and others) claimed it would force many kennels to tear down and re-build good kennels and is cost prohibitive.


Pocket Puppies- 11211 120th Ave #2, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

  1. Alisa Breedlove, Breedloves Unique Kennel. Waynesville, Missouri- 156 adult breeding dogs and 64 puppies
  2. Barbara Poor, B&J Kennels. Novelty, Missouri- 18 adult breedings.
  3. Brittani Hedgpeth and Jesse Hedgpeth, Empire Pets . Iberia, Missouri- 41 adult breeding dogs. 
  4. Dorace Burton, Grace Kennel. Lebanon, Missouri- 42 adult breeding dogs and 32 puppies. 
  5. John Bryant and Marcee Bryant, Puppy Junction. Seneca, Missouri- 89 adult breeding dogs and 14 puppies
  6. Pam Owen. Lebanon, Missouri- 60 adult breeding dogs and 10 puppies. 
  7. Pauline Thomas. Lebanon, Missouri- 11 adult breeding dogs and 3 puppies. 
  8. Rhonda Pope, Pope Kennel. Freeburg, Missouri- 143 adult breeding dogs and 70 puppies
  9. Sherri Gillum, Lakeview Kennels . Unionville, Missouri- 63 adult breeding dogs and 42 puppies
  10. Whitney Inman. Lebanon, Missouri- is not USDA licensed. 


Preppy Pups- 8302 W Lincoln Ave, West Allis, WI 53219

  1. Terri Gellin, Deer Haven Kennel LLC. Clintonville, Wisconsin- 129 adult breeding dogs and 105 puppies. The owner of the facility denied the state inspectors access during their 2019 inspection. During the follow up inspection, many violations were noted including: dogs with excessively long nails; dirty kennels that aren’t clean/sanitized; lack of record keeping. 


Puppy World- 4643 S 27th St, Greenfield (Milwaukee), Wisconsin- 

    1. Eli W Hochstetler. Utica, Minnesota- is not USDA licensed.
    2. Esther Schlueter, El Ranchito Pets Inc. Cazenovia, Wisconsin- 24 adult breeding dogs and 27 puppies. This facility has violations in 2022 and 2021. 
    3. Jerry Nelson and JoAnne Nelson, Trailane Kennels- Soldier Kansas. 265 adult breeding dogs and 80 puppies. This facility has violations in 2020. 
    4. Leroy D Yoder, Pleasant View LLC. Utica, Minnesota- 80 adult breeding dogs and 131 puppies. 
    5. Steven Steele, Heritage Puppies.  Lake Mills, Iowa- 325 adult breeding dogs and 72 puppies.


Tiny Tykes- 2661 S Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

  1. Jesse Miller. Hillsboro, Wisconsin- This facility cancelled their license but had 63 adult breeding dogs and 21 puppies with recent violations including: inadequate identification on dogs; and puppies having access to kennels where their paws could paws through the holes in the flooring. 
  2. Andrew Miller. Hillsboro, Wisconsin- 53 adult breeding dogs and 60 puppies. 


The following Wisconsin breeding facilities documented on their state inspection reports that they are selling wholesale to pet stores within  the state.

At this time, we have not connected them to a particular store. 

  1. David J Nisley. Westby, Wisconsin- 160 adult breeding dogs and 140 puppies. 
  2. Amos Allgyer. Platteville, Wisconsin- 26 adult breeding dogs and 68 puppies. This facility was named one of the worst puppy mills in the country in 2021. 



There are many other pet stores in Wisconsin selling puppies including:  Animart and Doyle’s Farm. We don’t currently have record of where they source their puppies from, since they likely source from within the state. If you bought a puppy from a pet store and want to know more about where it came from, fill out the form below and one of our volunteers will get back to you!



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All research and information was done by the research team at Bailing Out Benji  and must be cited as such when shared or quoted!
To view the rest of our CVI data, click here

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