Delaware Pet Store / Puppy Mill Connection

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All research and information was done by the volunteer team at Bailing Out Benji and must be cited as such when shared or quoted!
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“We don’t buy from puppy mills.”

“All of our puppies come from small, local breeders.”

“We visit every breeder we buy from.”

We have all heard these sentences come from the mouths of pet store owners and their employees. They paint this beautiful picture of puppies running by a pond and parents frolicking in the fresh, green grass… Sadly, 99% of the time that is a bold faced lie. The pet store owners know it, the employees might know it- but the customer is completely in the dark.

This is why we are here.

Bailing Out Benji is a small nonprofit that started in Ames, Iowa and now has volunteer teams all over the country who are dedicated to raising awareness about the puppy mill industry.

Volunteers from Bailing Out Benji devote their free time to researching puppy mills to create puppy mill maps for the worst states, as well as raise awareness about notorious pet stores and breeding operations with huge violations. This includes obtaining CVI data (Certificates of Veterinary Inspections) and making those reports public. To learn more about the puppy mills in your location, you can also go to our interactive website and search engine


-Before an animal is transported out of state, a veterinarian, accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), must examine the animal for signs of “infectious, contagious or communicable disease” and, if no disease is found, sign the certificate for approval to transport.

To make this easier, we will be breaking our research down alphabetically by each pet store and connecting them to the various facilities they use. All of this information has come from the Department of Agriculture and the USDA.

All of the breeders listed as associated with the pet stores sold puppies or kittens to them in the years 2019 and 2018.

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Pet Kare II – 250 Pencader Plaza, Newark, DE 19713 ;

Pet Kare I 1100 Quintilio Dr Bear, Delaware 19701

    1. Patrick Fulton. Alden Minnesota- A notorious dog broker that ships puppies to pet stores all over the country. 
    2. Pinnacle Pet, Neosho Missouri- 353 Puppies. 
    3. Marvin and Joanna Newswanger, Maple Tree Kennels. Alta Vista, Iowa- 330 adult breeding dogs and 210 puppies. 
    4. Donnie and Angela Fields. Green Castle,  Missouri- 78 adult breeding dogs and 34 puppies.
    5. John and Sandy Blake, SanJon Kennel. Louisburg, Missouri- 74 adult breeding dogs and 47 puppies. This breeder has both a breeder and broker license. Their brokering company received a recent violation for not providing adequate space (6 inches around the dog’s body) for the puppies in their care. 
    6. David Brown and Kim Parsons, First Class Puppies.  Formerly owned by Becky and Guy Franks. Bluejacket, Oklahoma- 33 puppies and was named one of the worst puppy mills in the country. 



 Pet Emporium- 9537 Bridgeville Center Rd, Bridgeville, DE 19933

  1. Becky Busboom. Dannebrog, Nebraska- Busboom is a dog broker, who sources puppies from various facilities and resells them to pet stores. To view which facilities Busboom buys from, click here..
  2. Choice Puppies, AKA The Hunte Corporation. Goodman Missouri- Until late 2016, the Hunte Corporation was one of the largest puppy brokers in the entire country. It was said to have sold over 100,000 puppies to pet stores each year. Hunte (now Choice Puppies) is the largest supplier of Petland stores across the United States. 
  3. Pinnacle Pet, Neosho Missouri- 353 Puppies. 


** We are still compiling data on more stores. Be patient with our progress! **


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©Bailing Out Benji 2019
All research and information was done by the volunteer team at Bailing Out Benji and must be cited as such when shared or quoted!
To view the rest of our CVI dataclick here. 

** To those consumers that have bought a family member from any of the area puppy stores, and are wondering about their actual background -please feel free to fill out the form below with any questions or paperwork that you have and we will confidentially research the breeder your pup came from.


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