If you are interested in having our organization speak to your group, class, or have a table at your event or store, please contact us by mail, email or through our facebook page! We have active volunteers all over the country that want to partner with YOU to create change. 

 We are in need of physical volunteers, as well as people to help handout educational materials in your own communities. Whatever your strengths are, we will find a way for you to help! We are also looking for more team leaders in other states!

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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Martha

    Saw Dog By Dog last night in Chicago. Just want to say thank you for what you are doing.

  2. Angela Kiselyk

    Hello. I noticed that the information here is from 2015. Are there new developments about these breeders since then? Have the new puppy mill laws helped in anyway? I was window shopping and saw the Newswagners were breeders noted on a dog. Specially, do you have more information about those breeders.

    Thank you for your time.
    Angela K

  3. Paula

    In December of 2000 I purchased an Italian Greyhound from the pet store in Northtown. I pulled his paperwork work out and he came from Menning. I remember asking the store clerk at the time where he came from and she said they have families they buy from.

  4. Hannah

    My family had purchased 2 golden retriever puppies (different times) from Four Paws and a Tail at Northtown back when I was in middle/high school (Earlier 2000’s). They shared the same mother but different fathers. Both had health issues. Our older one more than the other. Both have passed on now but I could see if my mom still has any of the paperwork if interested. I believe they also told us they got the puppies from a farm or something…we were concerned since they shared only one parent. Will only adopt from now on.

  5. JoAnn kamber

    I work at just Paws store May in Merle Hay Mall and I won’t call him a gentleman but a man called and asked if he could sell Eight Saint Bernard puppies out of our store. I gave him an earful and he continued to ask me where the Brokers were located in the Des Moines area. Don’t know if you’re interested in this man but got his information off of caller ID. His name is Sergey kopytko. phone:

  6. jennifer pease

    I was curious to know if your Organization has heard about the 2 individuals who are trying to get permits to start a dog breeding facility for the purpose of selling the puppies/dogs to be used in animal testing? This is happening here in Wisconsin. It is appalling! So far they were denied in Spring Green, but they will continue to move around until they find a town who will allow this. I think Baraboo is their next possible site. There are so many things horrible about this, I don’t know where to begin. It takes the horror of puppy mills to a whole new level !
    There is a Facebook website dogs4dane that has a petition going to prevent these people from getting permits. Please look it up and sign and share. The more people that get involved to go against this, the better. Just wanted to pass this along.

  7. Julaine Hurst

    Sorry took us so long to send picture of her dog paperwork. Don’t have the other paperwork from the breeder or pet store. I really hope this helps. Thank you for your time, it’s very appreciated.
    My friend is very curious about her little furbaby. The love of her life.

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