New Jersey Pet Store/Puppy Mill Connection

New Jersey Pet Store / Puppy Mill Connection

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All research and information was done by the volunteer team at Bailing Out Benji alongside a group of advocates in New Jersey and must be cited as such when shared or quoted!

We don’t buy from puppy mills.”

“All of our puppies come from small, local breeders.”

“We visit every breeder we buy from.”

We have all heard these sentences come from the mouths of pet store owners and their employees. They paint this beautiful picture of puppies running by a pond and parents frolicking in the fresh, green grass… Sadly, 99% of the time that is a bold faced lie. The pet store owners know it, the employees might know it- but the customer is completely in the dark.

This is why we are here.

Bailing Out Benji is a small nonprofit that started in Ames, Iowa and now has volunteer teams all over the country who are dedicated to raising awareness about the puppy mill industry, while we don’t actively have a team in New Jersey, we feel it is important to expose the pet stores that are buying from the puppy mills here in the midwest! 

So what is the truth? With the pet stores claiming they don’t buy from breeders with any violations and posting clean inspections and photos on their websites, it looks like they are being very open. What is the public supposed to believe when the nice store owner and employees paint such a believable and beautiful picture? Again… This is why we are here.

Volunteers from Bailing Out Benji devote their free time to researching puppy mills to create puppy mill mapsfor the worst states, as well as raise awareness about notorious pet stores and breeding operations with huge violations. This includes obtaining CVI data (Certificates of Veterinary Inspections) and making those reports public. 

To make this easier, we will be breaking our article down by each pet store and connecting them to the various puppy mills they use.


FURRYLICIOUS- 531 Route 22 East Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

This data was obtained through CVI research, as well as from the Furrylicious website. 

  1. Lindsey Schwartz AKA Lindsey Forquer, Cammies Country Canines. Salem, Iowa- 68 adult breeding dogs. 
  2. Heath and Shondra Madison, Madison Kennels. Pierce City, Missouri. 43-A-6095- 93 adult breeding dogs and 66 puppies with a history of violations including; feces in kennels and dog houses without bedding. You can see in the photos that the buildings are wrapped in plastic and the kennels are dirty. To view USDA photos, click here
  3. Dustan Wellman, Donnellson, Iowa- 4 adult breeding dogs. 
  4. James and Marilyn Bixenman, Circle B Farms. New Cambria, Missouri.  43-A-4396- 108 adult breeding dogs and 116 puppies
  5. David and Sandra Davenport, Elite Pedigree. Center Ridge, Arkansas.  71-A-1348- 137 dogs on their property
  6. Linda Brasher, Elite Puppies. Havana, Arkansas, 71-A-0762- 100 adults breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Excessive feces and discarded building materials in dog housing.
  7. Kathy Embrey, Seymour Missouri. 43-A-5906- 22 adult breeding dogs. 
  8. Marie Doherty, Doherty’s Family Pets. Fulton, Kansas.  48-B-0321- 276 adult breeding dogs, 88 puppies. To view USDA inspection photos of this awful puppy mill, click here
  9. Dawn Coffman, Misty Trail Kennels. Maynard, Arkansas. 71-A-0800- 225 adult breeding dogs and 84 puppies. 
  10. Levi Nisley, Patriot Ohio- 240 adult breeding dogs, 92 puppies. To View USDA photos, click here. 
  11. Phil Hoover, Show Me Puppies.  Memphis, Missouri- 364 adult breeding dogs and over 204 puppies.



2195 Route 22 West • Union, NJ 07083 

14 Route 22 West • Green Brook, NJ 08812 

This data was obtained through CVI research, customer complaints and from advocates in New Jersey!

  1. Judy Maassen, J. Maassen Inc. Rock Valley, Iowa. 42-A-0760- 309 adult breeding dogs and 139 puppies at the time of last inspection, with a history of violations including: admitting to shooting dogs as a routine form of euthanasia, swelling between toes from standing on hard wire cages, rusted wire and excessively chewed enclosures. This breeder has been on the horrible hundred puppy mill list. 
  2. John Nisley, Edgewood, Iowa. 42-A-1491- 116 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Fecal matter mixed with blood in outdoor enclosures, Broken wires, shewed surfaces; rusted enclosures, carpet heavily soiled; Outdoor enclosures completely covered in animal waste and mud; dogs wet and soiled; Entryway door to outdoor enclosure is torn off; No protection from rain, wind or snow; No clean dry bedding in outdoor shelter and temps are 41 degrees F; Food receptacles are collecting rain water; Dog observed to have loose stools with blood; A day-old and 3 week old puppies are housed outdoors in temps of 46.7F; Incomplete records; Green eye discharge; fur matted, dry crusty around eyes; Clumps of hair are hanging from wires in the enclosures; 60% of the flooring is covered in dried, caked feces; Cobwebs, rodent droppings in enclosures; Frozen feces in outdoor enclosures. Oh… And Nisley is a repeat offender on the Horrible Hundred list. To view USDA photos of this breeder (proceed with caution), click here. 
  3. Steve Kruse, Stonehenge Kennels. West Point, Iowa. 42-B-0182- 156 adult breeding dogs (down from 823 adult breeding dogs 584 puppies), with a history of violations including: Injured/ Sick /New dogs (not seen by vet, no quarantine; extreme hairloss on dogs, open wounds; eye discharge in many dogs; abnormal eyes; matted fur;  excessively chewed/worn wood in kennels;  many dogs in kennels that were excessively small; no excercise plan; fecal matter mixed in with dog food; and the owner threw a bag of dead puppies at the USDA inspector. To view USDA inspection photos, click here
  4. Johnny Dake, J&M Kennels. Stover, Missouri- 43-A-4494- 43 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Heavy buildup of yellow brown matter on teeth, gums red swollen; Lesions on paws and in between toes; Matting on fur contains fecal matter (can’t see dog’s eyes); Dead puppy in outdoor enclosure. Puppy was in sub-freezing temps. Puppy was in a statue-like state with imprints of wire flooring across its belly; 11 dogs had no water; drank excessively when given water. 
  5. Sarah Young, Clear Springs Kennel. Hardy, Arkansas. 71-A-0676- 202 adult breeding dogs and 104 puppies with a history of violations including: Thin dog with protruding hips; Green matter on gums; Wounded tail; Excessively chewed wooden huts; Dark material in food receptacles; Dog has no teeth, jaw missing; Dog unable to put weight on leg; Toenails twisted and blood present; Sharp points, hut-type housing;  Dead insects, hair, debris in puppies’ enclosures. To view inspection photos and even more violations (proceed with caution), click here
  6. Brett Bonham, Calvary Creek Kennels. Cordell, Oklahoma. 73-A-2637216 adult breeding dogs and 83 puppies with a history of violations including: pug with eye that is cloudy and blue in appearance; No program of vet care; Open wounds with flies on them; Inaccurate records; Cysts between toes; Swollen feet; Dogs heavily infested with ticks; Cloudy eyes and pupil barely visible.
  7. Jan Budden, Maurice Iowa. 42-A-1313- 71 adult breeding dogs, with a history of violations including: expired medications used on dogs; cages have excessive build up of feces; cages have build up of dark brown liquid (reeks of old feces/excrement); Several dogs required immediate vet care, and thick brown material found on teeth. To view USDA photos, click here.
  8. John and Lyle Renner, Renner’s Kennel. Detroit Lakes, Michigan. 41-A-0245- Pests in feed bag; Skin swollen, red; Eyes red and cloudy; pens that are too small; dogs with open wounds, dogs with severe hairless; excessive feces in the kennel, and a lot more.  To view USDA inspection photos (proceed with caution!!) , click here
  9. Anna and Jimmy Don Presley, Presley’s Kennel. 74-A-1165- 61 adult breeding dogs (down from 95 adults) with a history of violations including:  Dogs missing hair, with rashes, flooded kennel areas, rusty cages
  10. Vernon and Kathryn Lambright, Peaceful Hollow Pets. Wolcottville, Indiana. 32-A-0253- 77 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: two dogs with diarrhea in pen, poodle with right eye very inflamed, pyrenees lame on both rear legs, chewed surfaces in outdoor housing area, bernese mountain dog chained to a dog house
  11. Joyce Walters, Select Pets. Anderson, Missouri. 43-B-0178- 60 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Missing dog; feces everywhere;  Matted fur, scabs on skin; Excessively long toenails; Hair loss, green buildup on teeth; Gravel in pen contains brown/yellow liquid; dogs soiled and wet; Strong ammonia odor; Overgrowth of weeds; Metal pipe in floor deteriorating. This breeder was on the horrible hundred list. To view USDA photos (proceed with caution!), click here.
  12. Donald Conrad, Conrad Kennel. Keota, Iowa- 212 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: dogs with excessively matted fur; Cloudy eyes, discharge; Brown material on teeth; loose teeth; Broken wires;  Flooring not structurally sound; Excessive chewed enclosures; Rusty broken fencing;  some dogs can’t see out of their eyes.
  13. Amos Graber, Montgomery Indiana. 32-A-0458- 15 adult breeding dogs, with a history of violations including: record for animals on hand have numerous errors which mix up the ID number for the animals;  Cobwebs, dust, debris and brown grime on feeders and in enclosures;  Sharp points; Excessive chewed enclosures. 
  14. Moses Shrock, Thayer Kansas. 48-A-2011. Moses is on the 2016 Horrible Hundred puppy mill list after having. many violations including: Failed to get electricity to adequately cool or heat dog housing even after year after year of warnings; rusted tin kennels, open syringes lying around the property. To view USDA photos of this puppy mill, click here.
  15. Marla and Roger Campbell. Newton, Kansas. 48-A-1449- 129 adult breeding dogs, with a history of violations including: dogs with open wounds and horrible teeth; tartar on most of teeth; No vet care for eye issues; Carpets shredded; Metal floorings have gaps.
  16. Debra and Larry Crowley. Ellsinore, Missouri. 43-A-5739- 94 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Toenails excessively long and starting to hook on ends; Insufficient rain, wind and snow break; Igloo shelters are too small for animals. To view USDA inspection photos, click here.
  17. Nina Harrell, Harrell’s Kennels. Rocky Comfort, Missouri. 43-A-0926- Only 13 breeding dogs, but has a history of violations including; Rusty corrosion and sharp points in enclosures; Green film on food receptacles; An abundance of flies
  18. Robert and Darla Hilton, Broken Bow Oklahoma. 73-A-2652- 118 adult breeding dogs with a  history of violations including: Horse cattle medications used on dogs; Chain link divider lifted out of ground and twisted; Dirty caked grime accumulations in enclosures
  19. Mattie O and Perry J Bontrager, Cedar Hill Kennel. Dalton, Wisconsin. 35-A-0355- 131 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Puppies sold underage to pet stores; Eyes are not clear; mislabeled medications – meant for other animals.
  20. Marvin and Debbie Phillips, Long Lane Missouri. 43-A-1353- 42 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Inadequate bedding in outdoor shelters; Yorkies shivering and holding up paws intermittently in 11 degree F temps; dogs in kennels that are too small; outdoor shelters with no wind or rain breaks; excessive feces. To view USDA photos (proceed with caution!) click here.
  21. Judy Latham, Judy’s Cutie’s. Gainesville, Missouri. 43-A-5306- 19 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Legs missing hair; skin red and thickened; Ears contain a crusty black material. To view USDA Photos, click here
  22. Jean Hoban, Kute & Kuddly K9’s. Lamar, Arkansas. 71-A-0640- 95 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Puppy has red rash and is leaking matter from anus; goopy eye matter with reddened eyes; Rusted enclosures
  23. Joel Graber, Country Kennels LLC. Montgomery, Indiana. 32-A-0487- 50 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: golden retriever puppies without identification; majority of walls in the outside runs have black/brown colored grime that has accumulated.
  24. Caroline Schulte, Freeburg Missouri. 43-A-4748- 124 adult breeding dogs, 100 puppies at the time of last inspection with a history of violations including: Heavily matted eyes; When mats were removed dog squints and blinks. Eye is red; No bedding for outdoor shelter.
  25. Emma and Menno Wagler, Rocky Acres. Bloomington, Wisconsin. 35-A-0360- 46 adult breeding dogs and a history of violations including: No ID on dogs; No program of vet care; No vet located on paperwork; Dog has head tilt and is walking in circles with an abnormal gait; dogs with severe hair loss. To view USDA photos, click here
  26. Beatrice Birchfield, Birchfield Kennels. Atoka, Oklahoma. 73-A-0531- 38 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: Surfaces are not impervious to moisture/water; Kennels leaning to the west; Legs of enclosure slid off concrete and is standing in a drain; Open sacks of trash left in enclosures; fecal matter accumulation; heavy cobweb presence; no program of vet care filled out. To view USDA photos, click here
  27. Joseph D Graber, Dusty Road Kennel. Odon, Indiana. 32-A-0438- 20 adult breeding dogs, 50 puppies at the time of last inspection with a history of violations including: puppies missing records/dates sold;  1/2 inch to 1 inch gap in flooring where dogs’ feet/toes can get caught; Eyes dark red, swollen and there is a circular protrusion in center of eye.
  28. Carol Prothe, Urbana Missouri. 43-A-4562- 78 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including: no bedding in outdoor shelters when the temperatures were 44 degrees; dogs with missing teeth, red gums, excessive tartar; dogs with matted hair and eye issues; dogs fights occurring while inspector was present; lots of ill and injured dogs. To view USDA inspection photos (proceed with caution!!), click here.
  29. Karen Veurink, Dakota Kennels. Tea, South Dakota. 46-B-0077- 72 adult breedings dogs with a history of violations including: dogs with excessively long toenails; dogs with reddened eyes (blood vessels visible); lesions on face, wounds and oozing with pus; dogs with hairless
  30. Jolyn Noethe. J.A.Ks Puppies/ Hobo K9 “Rescue”, Britt  Iowa-  (Broker). 233 puppies .  JAKS has also started their own “rescue” in order to lie to the public about not being a puppy mill. You can read that information here.  JAKS was also named one of the worst puppy mills in the country and they are being investigated by the Iowa Attorney General for having fraudulent businesses.To view where JAKS is purchasing their puppies from, click here.


New Jersey has many pet stores that are selling puppy mill puppies and the information is taking quite a lot of time to compile! Please check back over the next week as we add more information! 

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