Central Iowa Pet Food Pantry

Address: 2521 University Blvd. Suite 123, Ames Iowa 50010 

Contact: petfoodpantry@bailingoutbenji.com 

Facebook Page: Ames Pet Food Pantry 

 Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10a-3p (subject to change) or by appointment. 

Martes, miércoles y jueves de 10am a 3pm, (sujeto a cambios) o con cita previa.

To schedule an appointment, click the image below to see our current availability. If you don’t see a day or time that works for you, please send us an email directly! 

Para programar una cita, haga clic en la imagen a continuación para ver nuestra disponibilidad actual. Si no ve un día u hora que le convenga, ¡envíenos un correo electrónico directamente!

In the summer of 2017, Bailing Out Benji founded the first pet food pantry in Story County, Iowa in order to keep pets with their families when times get tough. Since then, we have been able to keep thousands of pets with their families and out of the animal sheltering system.

Each month our pet food pantry hands out food and other supplies to approximately 500 pets. That number has been steadily increasing each month. 

 We cannot do our important work without the support of people like you! Please consider supporting the Ames Pet Food Pantry by clicking any of the links below. 

* Physical donations can be dropped off or shipped to our office: 2521 University Blvd Suite 123. Ames, Iowa 50010. Our standard pantry hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10-3, with additional availability depending on volunteer scheduling. Please reach out to us before stopping by to ensure that someone is in the office. 

Items we are always in need of include: dry dog food, grain-free dry dog food, small dog food, dry cat food, cat food for urinary issues, cat litter, leashes, collars. Items we also hand out include rabbit food and guinea pig food. 

Here are a few of the faces that we have helped recently! 

If you plan on using our pantry, please read our FAQ below. 

The majority of the pet food distributed by Bailing Out Benji is obtained through donation from area stores and the public. By accepting food from the Ames Pet Food Pantry and feeding it to their pets, recipients acknowledge that they are aware of the risk involved in accepting  food and will not hold Bailing Out Benji or its affiliates responsible should any harm or illness to their pets as a result of feeding them donated food.

Bailing Out Benji will never knowingly distribute food that has been recalled, although recalls may occur after donated food has been distributed. Once donated food is in the possession of the recipient, it is the recipient’s responsibility to check and track for recalls and monitor expiration dates. Bailing Out Benji and its affiliates are not responsible for recalled or expired food.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a cost to use your pantry?
There is no fee to receive food from our pantry. However, this program operates solely through donations and we do ask that you make a donation that fits within your budget, if you are financially able to do so.

How often can I pick up pet food & supplies?
You can visit the Ames Pet Food Pantry once a month for pet food and supplies for as long as you need assistance. We do our best to provide you with a month’s supply of pet food – however,  you may need to supplement what is provided.

How can I schedule an appointment to pick up food?
You can schedule an appointment through this link to get on our calendar or email us directly at

Do you offer a delivery option?
We do not offer a delivery option at this time. 

Can I adopt a pet or surrender a pet to you?
No, we are not an adoption agency. If you are in need of placement for your animals, we suggest contacting the Ames Animal Shelter, the Story County Animal Shelter or the Boone Area Humane Society. 

Do you accept donations?
Yes! We accept unopened & not expired pet food. We also accept new & gently used pet supplies.Please email us to set up a time to receive the donation! 

Have a large supply donation to make or additional questions?

Email petfoodpantry@bailingoutbenji.com

Please note: 

We do not provide pet food or supplies to community members that are actively breeding their animals. We can help you find low-cost spay/neuter options in order to prevent animals from multiplying within your home or neighborhood. 

We reserve the right to terminate relationships with any client at our discretion.