Central Iowa Pet Food Pantry

In the summer of 2017, we founded the first pet food pantry in Story County, Iowa in order to keep pets with their families when times get tough. 



In the last three years we have evolved from doing regular deliveries to monthly dispersal events in partnership with Iowa Home Consulting and ISU Savma. These dispersal events serve around 150 pets each month, but even more families have needed our help lately because they are out of work.

Because of recent coronavirus restrictions, monthly distribution events are no longer possible for the group. Instead, Iowa Home Consulting is now scheduling all pet food pickups. IHC is asking those in need to call (515) 450-2946 and schedule an appointment for pet food or supplies. Pickups are available curbside at 923 N 4th St in Ames, and individual donations can be made similarly.

Food banks and animal shelters are encouraged to contact the group if they are in emergency need.

We also want to thank those organizations that provide ongoing pet food donations:

Ames Animal Shelter

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

Heuss Printing

Tito’s Vodka

Treats On A Leash

Wholesome Pet Essentials


We are now accepting financial donations to help with emergency veterinary care to help keep animals pain-free and with their families. Please, if you can, consider making a life-saving donation today.  

If you are able to support our pet food pantry, please consider making a life-saving donation. Help us keeps families together during this tough time.