How you can help

There is no one way to help the dogs trapped in puppy mills. At Bailing Out Benji we believe that everyone can do something to help put an end to this cruel industry! We wanted to compile a list of easy ways that you can get involved. 

Whether you can do one of these things, several or even all of them, you are on your way to being a hero for the dogs! We are always looking for ways to showcase how the public is working to end puppy mills, so PLEASE reach out to us and share your contribution! 


How can I help?

There are many ways you can help the dogs trapped in puppy mills. They vary from being active, to just being an advocate. 


1. If you SEE something, SAY something. If you were someone that unknowingly stumbled upon a bad breeding facility to purchase a puppy, you need to report it! You can either report it to the USDA, your state agency, your local rescue or shelter, or you can contact us and we can point you in the right direction! The Humane Society of the United States also has a phone number that you can call to report these concerns to. 1-877-Mill-Tip. You can also contact us if you purchased a sick puppy


2. Be an educator. One of the best ways you can help is by educating your friends, family and coworkers. Even if you simply share a status on social media about what puppy mills are and how to avoid them, you could really make a difference! We have various educational articles about what puppy mills are , why they are legal , and even state maps pinpointingne known puppy mills! Please share these articles on social media, print them and hang them, do what you can to raise awareness. 

The dogs desperately need you to be their voice! Click here to find puppy mill literature for YOUR state! Print flyers, print the maps and help us spread the word by hanging them up at your church, local coffee shop or around your local university! Don’t forget to tag us on social media! 

3. Be an advocate. Look in your area for pet stores that sell puppies and educate about your local problem. You can also check out our pet store research here, and share the information we have for your state. Hang up flyers (we can help!) or even start a local protest (we can help with that too!) Getting the word out locally will break the lies of the pet store and will bring more awareness about puppy mills to your community.

4. Contact your legislators. By letting your legislators know what you care about, it tells them how to vote. You can send a quick email to your legislator and just ask them where they stand on common sense animal issues, especially puppy mills. You may be shocked to find out that not everyone is an advocate for the animals. Depending on the time of year, you can also sign up to be an advocate at your local Humane lobby day and talk to your legislators face-to-face! 

5. Contact your city council about a local retail ban.  There are more than 300 localities nationwide that have passed laws restricting the retail sale of pets. Most puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.  Puppies born in mills are prone to illnesses that can be life-threatening and expensive to treat, and the unknowing consumers who purchase them are often left heartbroken with expensive bill. By contacting your local city council, you are starting a conversation that could make history for your town and give the puppy mill dogs a LOUD voice! 

pa6. Don’t give your money to pet stores that sell puppies. By boycotting a pet store that sells puppies, you are showing them that you can’t support their business. You can even tell the owner why you are choosing not to shop at their store anymore. If you know of humane pet stores that don’t sell puppies, have them sign up as a puppy friendly pet store!  To view our research linking pet stores to the puppy mills they buy from, click here

7. Look for a reputable breeder in your area. If you are set on buying a puppy then ask your local canine kennel club about reputable breeders. Just remember to always check out their facilities! Don’t ever buy a dog without asking to meet the parents and see where all of the dogs live. And, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to look on to see adorable adoptables in your own area! You can also email us to see if that breeder you want to buy from has any issues. 

8. USE SOCIAL MEDIA….. Spread the Word. Use the hashtag #ShowMeTheMommy on
social media to stress the importance of asking to see the parent dogs before purchasing a puppy. We are on  Facebook  , Twitter and Instagram if you want to share things directly from our accounts!

9. Become one of our social media ambassadors! You can help us put an end to the puppy mill industry without leaving your cell phone or computer. This is a great way to get involved without having to physically volunteer for us. Check out our Social Media Ambassador FAQs and learn more about what it takes to to be an ambassador for Bailing Out Benji !

10.Write a Letter to the Editor! Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is a great (and free!) way to get the word out about puppy mills. Just writing a few sentences about the local puppy mill problem and ways that people can help can make a huge difference! Here are a few examples of wonderful LTE’s, but feel free to write your own! Here is our special MothersDayLTE  – just in time for Mother’s Day. 

Or check out past LTEs that we have run LTE in Wisconsin   LTE in the Freeman Journal

If you need any help drafting a letter, you are more than welcome to contact us! You can also add to the end of your LTE to give your local citizens a place to go for more information! 

11. Start a Bailing Out Benji volunteer team! 
In 2016 we were contacted by very tx1passionate advocates in Texas who wanted to do more in their community! Instead of reinventing the wheel, they asked to become volunteers for us! We were happy to oblige and have now successfully educated thousands of people in the 23 different states we have volunteers in, while
putting out some much needed puppy mill awareness PSAs. If you are interested in starting a volunteer team in your state or joining one of our current ones, please contact us

12. Stay updated. Like our Facebook page , Twitter and Instagram. Stay updated on how you can help in your area. Don’t forget to SHARE!  

13. DONATE! When you can, even sending $5 or $10 to nonprofit organizations like ours can make a huge difference in this fight against puppy mills! At Bailing Out Benji, we are 100% volunteer based and all of the proceeds go towards our mission! If you can donate, click here.

14. Join our mailing list!  We send out puppy mill news and action alerts for your state. You can sign up here


THANK YOU for wanting to help the puppy mill dogs! You are their voice and you are their hero!