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At Bailing Out Benji, we are committed to changing the world for animals and people through education. We believe that by educating children, as well as adults, we can make a huge difference in countless lives. 

Due to schools across the country being closed, we wanted to provide some activities for your child to do at home. Below you will find some activities, projects, books and items for children of all ages! Please click on the links below the images for a printable PDF. 

PLEASE post photos to social media of either your child completing any of our activities, or the completed activity. We would love to see our projects in action. 

*If you don’t have the ability to print, fill out the form below and we ship items to you* 


Encourage your child to practice their writing!

Any Age:

-Tell us about about the pets in your home, or pets that you want to have! What do you feed them? Where do they sleep? How do you play with them? To print a writing sheet:  What Pets Do You Have- Prompt

Approximately 2nd through 5th grades:

-Imagine you wake up to find a BIG BLUE dog in your backyard. Write a story on what you would do! To print a writing sheet: Big Blue Dog- Writing Prompt

– What if your PET had a SUPERPOWER? Which power would your pet have and what adventures would they get into? To print a writing sheet: Super Pet! Writing Prompt


We want to encourage students to keep on learning! Any completed research project can be emailed or mailed to us and we will send an acknowledgement back. Our address is: Bailing Out Benji, PO Box 203, Ames Iowa 50010  and our email address is

Any Age: 

TOPIC 1:  What is a puppy mill? What is the puppy mill problem in my state? How can we end puppy mills? 

TOPIC 2: What laws are in place to protect animals in my state? How can we change the laws to help animals?


Children’s Yoga-  From Back to the Farm yoga toRocket Ship Yoga and even Butterfly Yoga“, the artist Bari Koral makes yoga EASY and FUN for the whole family. 

GoNoodle SongsWith catchy songs like Pop See Ko ,Pop See Ko 2 Milkshake andBanana, Banana, Meatballyour child will be prompted to dance, move their body and remember patterns! 


(Geared Towards Elementary Students):


To Print: Easy Word Search PDF

To Print: Intermediate Word Search


To Print: Animal Matching Worksheet


To Print: Easy Word Scramble

To Print: Intermediate Word Scramble


To Print: Fill in the vowel


Connect The Dots:

Connect The Dots


To Print: Find the Rhyme


To Print: Letter Tracing


To Print: Build a Sentence


To Print: Easy Maze

To Print: Intermediate Maze


To Print: ADOPT Coloring Page

To Print: Color a Forever Home

To Print: What do dogs need?

Benji Unicorn


We have a large array of t-shirts available for purchase, including youth sizes! The proceeds from each sale help us continue our fight against the puppy mill industry! 

Animal Welfare Books

Below you will find a list of Animal Welfare themed books we recommend for parents to read with their children. We have linked each title to Amazon. Please consider switching to Amazon Smile and choose Bailing Out Benji as your charity of choice! We receive a donation for every purchase made when customers choose our nonprofit through Amazon Smile. 

Children’s Books

Deputy Paws and the Puppy Mill Cause- by Peggy Race

A Home for Dakota- by Jan Zita Grover

Buddy Unchained- by Daisy Bix 

Saving Audie-  by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and William Muñoz

Middle School

Riley Carson and the Cherokee Caves- by Megan Wargula

Riley Carson and the Quest for Justice- by Megan Wargula

High School to Adult

The Doggie in the Window- by Rory Kress ( For advanced readers, high schoolers and adults) 

Rescue Dogs: Where They Come From, Why They Act the Way They Do, and How to Love Them Well- by Gene Stone and Pete Paxton


If you are unable to print at your home, please send us an email through the form below and we will send your child these items. 

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