Texas Pet Store/Puppy Mill Connection

Texas Pet Store / Puppy Mill Connection

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All research and information was done by the volunteer team at Bailing Out Benji and must be cited as such when shared or quoted!

We don’t buy from puppy mills.”

“All of our puppies come from small, local breeders.”

“We visit every breeder we buy from.”


We have all heard these sentences come from the mouths of pet store owners and their employees. They paint this beautiful picture of puppies running by a pond and parents frolicking in the fresh, green grass… Sadly, 99% of the time that is a bold faced lie. The pet store owners know it, the employees might know it- but the customer is completely in the dark.

This is why we are here.

Texas is a HUGE state for puppy mills, and even has a few pet stores that are selling puppy mill puppies. Sadly, the state doesn’t have much oversight regarding pet stores! We will be working hard to update this database with whatever CVI data we come across, so please be patient. 

Bailing Out Benji is a small nonprofit that started in Ames, Iowa and now has volunteer teams all over the country who are dedicated to raising awareness about the puppy mill industry, this includes Texas. 

So what is the truth? With the pet stores claiming they don’t buy from puppy mills, even denying the public to see the names until after they purchase a puppy- what is the public supposed to believe? Again… This is why we are here.

Volunteers from Bailing Out Benji devote their free time to researching puppy mills to create puppy mill maps for the worst states, as well as raise awareness about notorious pet stores and breeding operations with huge violations. This includes obtaining CVI data (Certificates of Veterinary Inspections) and making those reports public. As of now, the state of Texas is telling us they don’t know who keeps the CVI data, but our research team is working to get to the bottom of it! 


PETLAND DALLAS- 11909 Preston Rd #1428, Dallas, TX 75230

This was obtained from customer complaints after purchasing a puppy. 

  1. Vicki Tidwell, TNT Kennel. Edgewood, Texas- 102 adult dogs, 61 puppies. 


CRITTERS EXOTIC PETS- 600 A S. Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76711

Critters shared their paperwork on a local news story, which is how we obtained this data. 

  1. Kevin Wittmer, Loogootee Indiana. 32-A-0514- 18 adult breeding dogs, with a history of violations including: Three dogs had protruding hip bones and ribs showing; others had injuries to the face and leg. Wittmer was listed on the 2016 horrible hundred list.
  2. Choice Puppies, formerly known as The Hunte Corporation, Goodman Missouri- Until late 2016, the Hunte Corporation was one of the largest puppy brokers in the entire country. It was said to have sold over 100,000 puppies to pet stores each year. Hunte (now Choice Puppies) is the largest supplier of Petland stores across the United States. To view an undercover video taken at Hunte, click here.

PARTNERS PET CENTER- 1701 S Mays St # Q, Round Rock, TX 78664

This data was obtained from the HSUS as well as the owner of Partners admitting to which breeder he uses. 

  1. Susan Franz, Belton Texas- 34 adult breeding dogs with a history of violations including : excessive flea problem, using expired medications on the dogs, inadequate records on dead/donated dogs, rusty doors on kennels and dogs able to escape the kennels. Franz is a repeat offender on the Horrible Hundred Puppy Mill list. To view USDA reports, click here.
  2. Partners Pet Center has also been cited for having an excessive flea problem on the puppies within their own store. 


DOG ALLEY- 550 E Tyler St; Canton, Texas 75103

Dog Alley in Canton, Texas is home to hundreds of unregulated puppy mills. These puppy mills are from within Texas, and from surrounding states. At this time, there is very little oversight on what is happening here. To view more information, click here. 


Texas is home to over 20 pet stores that are selling puppy mill puppies. If you are wondering where your pet store puppy came from, please contact us through the form below. All requests for information will remain private. 

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