Don’t Buy The Lies- New Design Kennels

Hello, All! As you know, at Bailing Out Benji we are dedicated to helping puppy mill dogs in various ways…. One of which is by outing puppy mills and the pet stores they sell to. If you have been following our educational efforts at all, you will have seen that we have been protesting one pet store, Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe, in Ames, Iowa for almost 4 years now. Dyvig’s has admitted to buying puppies from two puppy mills here in Iowa. While we have a presence in front of the store every Saturday and Sunday (with surprise weekday protests sprinkled in), we have stepped up our game for Puppy Mill Awareness Month. Our #ThirtyDaysThirtyProtests campaign is back for the month of September and we have been able to reach a lot of new people with our message. Most days, it is hard to see the direct fruits of our efforts… But other days, we are given the best “thanks”. Today is that day.

z8Bailing Out Benji receives dozens of emails and private messages every day, not to mention all of the comments of support and shares. Tonight, however, we received a very special message. A woman, who unknowingly supported a puppy mill, by purchasing from New Design Kennels. After the first puppy she purchased from NDK died after only 7 months from an intestinal disease, her boyfriend purchased a second one. For $100 off the normal price, for their inconvenience of losing the first one. Sadly, the second dog wasn’t much healthier. He had to undergo a very expensive surgery for IVDD, a genetic disorder in which trauma to the spinal cord results from hardening of the spinal disks. Because of this woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, we were given a link to the blog written by the owner of New Design Kennels, Nancy Carlson, and we are SO excited to be sharing her words with you tonight.

Her full blog can be read here, but we thought a point by point breakdown of her arguments was a little more fitting because, as you all know, the facts don’t lie. So here we go! “Sex, Lies, and New Design Kennel” (Screenshots have been taken directly from her blog. 


Well, let’s be real. Nancy Carlson and I have been in the room together at least three times. The first time she was auctioning off her dogs. Dogs that were missing eyes, limbs and were visibly ill. She transported them to the auction in a trailer meant for a car. It was truly one of the most horrifying experiences I have ever had. The second time, I had the pleasure of defending our puppy mill awareness PSA against her, Rob Hurd and the owner of Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe, Dale Dyvig. She embarrassed herself in front of a room full of businessmen by claiming that I have invisible drones that fly over her property and that I threaten to rape her in the same cages that she rapes her dogs in (her words…. because… yuck.) And the final time, Nancy was- again- at a puppy mill auction. This time, buying more dogs to breed.

Also, Bailing Out Benji started long before I ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with Nancy Carlson.


In the many years of operating the kennel, I am the ONLY person who has ever complained. Really? Can anyone name a business that has 100% customer satisfaction anywhere? Then I will consider myself very lucky that the very first person that ever bought a sick puppy from New Design Kennels (bought two) and contacted me! Sadly, this just isn’t the case, and it isn’t even believable. And I am just going to put this here Not only does Nancy Carlson operate New Design Kennels, but she runs a separate breeding website called “Illusion Japanese Chin” and even reputable breeders/ show breeders /breed enthusiasts know that something very shady is going on there. What kind of reputable breeder needs more than one name?! 


Hmmm…. Not only have I personally helped rescue dogs in horrid conditions that came straight out of puppy mills, but we have ALL seen those photos. Dogs that are completely matted, dogs that are too old, dogs with open wounds… These conditions have all been backed up by USDA inspections in which the inspectors cite these violations. Those dogs are all still breeding. Being “in the mood” doesn’t matter to animals when they are in heat. You can see some of those reports here, thanks to the 2015 Horrible Hundred Puppy Mill List


As Nancy said in her own blog earlier, ” a set of predator-drone flyover photos of our property several years ago”. The photos that Bailing Out Benji has of New Design Kennels ARE of their property, she admitted it in her own blog. Never once did we say that the cages were too small, sadly, they are more spacious than some puppy mills, but the dogs are forced to live on wire their entire lives. I will let you see those photos for yourself… And you can decide. 




So…. Again…. Do YOU think that New Design Kennels is a puppy mill? 



There ya have it, everyone! And that’s the truth! 

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Animal Shelter Adoption Program


…Or ASAP, as one branch of Petland is calling it. Puppies and kittens from commercial breeders are no longer  sold at ONE  Petland branch located in East Liberty, Pennsylvania. This store, that had been regularly picketed by animal advocates, has finally agreed that the profit is not worth the torture that the parents back at the mill go through each day.

For many pet stores,  that “puppy (and kitty) in the window” is now coming from the local shelter or rescue. PetSmart and Petco are among the list of retailers that have adoption as their only option for dogs and cats. More recently, Jack’s Pets, a midwest pet store, has decided to cut ties with commercial breeders and join the club! Starting 2012 that will be starting their own Animal Shelter Adoption Program.

Far too many rescue groups these days are purely volunteer based, so the animals are often in the homes of said volunteers. This leaves them without a place to show off their own adorable adoptables! Since more and more cities are banning the sale of puppies and kitties in stores within their city limits, hosting the adoptables is quickly becoming the only option for having them in their store!

Many people wonder just how pet stores can adapt to this  business model- so here are a few of my suggestions!


The store that is selling the dogs and cats already has room for the animals. So the first step is to find out what size and breed of dog (cat) they can have in their store and the number the cages can hold. Once they have this rough number in their mind, they need to find rescues to partner with. Notice I said RESCUES. I suggest having more than one (preferably five) rescues that you are constantly getting pets from. Sadly, the adoption rates are much higher within the pet stores than at a shelter- so the turnover will be greater! Having more rescues that you partner with will ensure that you will always have animals on hand. The Pet store should seek out animal shelters and other rescue groups that are well-organized, offer ongoing support and are able to help expedite the adoption process. By “expedite”, I do not mean sell to the highest bidder. But by having a quicker adoption process helps the rate that animals are placed into their forever homes! Having adoption applications on hand also helps, because then they potential adopter can take the application over OR the store can fax the information over quickly.

Since the pets are coming fully vetted, the customer will already feel safer adopting it! They will know that the money being spent has already gone to their new family member. So, when choosing a rescue, try to pick ones that have fully vetted pets! Having the pet completely ready to go is another great incentive!

The next crucial step is to determine just who will be caring for the pets! Seeing as the pet store was already caring for the pets, this may not be an issue. However, it would sweeten the deal if the rescue had a volunteer or two helping out in the store! Either way, clear communication is VERY important in this arrangement. If this step isn’t clearly discussed, then it can make the who ordeal a very messy one. The rescue should also give the pet store an emergency contact number, in case one of the animals is sick or in distress. Keeping the animal’s best interest in mind is the most important part of this.

When picking the animals, the rescue needs to consider temperament, age, and size. The pet store will be getting a lot more traffic, so the animals need to be okay with being “on display” and being handled. The friendlier the pet, the more likely the adoption! As for age, the younger animals usually get adopted out faster, but that is something that needs to be determined by both parties. If the store still wants to focus on puppies and kitties, then, once again, CLEAR communication needs to happen. All of this needs to be thoroughly discussed before the animals actually enter the store. The time frame that the animals spend in the store should also be a topic of discussion. It isn’t fair to the animal’s well-being to be kept on display for weeks at a time-but again, that is up to the partnership to decide! Lastly, size is a factor. As I mentioned before, the store already has the cages set up! So making the pets as comfortable as possible within those cages is crucial!

“The Partnership” should also discuss matters such as supplies! Talk about who will be providing the food, kitty litter and toys. One option is deciding that one side will provide the volunteers to clean the cages and care for the animals and the other side will provide the supplies.

Most rescues have a return-policy in place already (well, the good ones do, anyway!) If, for some reason, the pet cannot be kept within the home, they usually request that the animal comes back so it can be placed into an approved home. This is another discussion topic for the partnership to discuss! Questions will come up like: Does this return policy have a refund or not?

Which brings me to my next point. The adoption fee… While I think that the money should go straight back to the rescue, the pet store may feel differently. Cooperation and compromise will be needed from both parties in order for a deal to happen. If you need to add a few dollars to the fee to cover the cost of the pet store’s help, then so be it! Always keep the best interest of the animal in mind!

Adoption Promotion is another important factor that is often overlooked. By hanging a short, easy to read paragraph about the pet right on the cage  can help adoption drastically. Whether your write the facts, or a creative story- you are more likely to get people to stop and read.  This might reveal where the pet came from, why it is available for adoption – for example, the owner got divorced or passed away – and the pet’s special features, such as if it is declawed. It is also important to include information about personality traits, so the potential adopter knows exactly what they are getting!

My last bit of advice is to write out a well-written contract, have both parties sign and give copies to each. This will ensure that each side knows exactly what is expected of them in this deal!


Most of my readers know exactly why I felt the need to write this post. This article is an example of the business model that I want Dyvigs Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa to follow. For me, having dogs and cats in a store is never an option. I think that this is a HUGE downfall for many decent pet stores that could honestly be great!  

 Please feel free to share this with friends and pet store owners! More and more people are starting to picket pet stores that actually sell dogs. Not only is this bad press, but it is awful the business. With the pet overpopulation being at an all-time high, all pet lovers would agree that the “adopt, don’t shop” business model is a great one!

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Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe, Ames, Iowa

Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa sells puppies from known puppy mills. 

As an animal lover, I am asking everyone reading this to please think twice before you shop at Dyvigs Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa. Every Saturday morning (and some other days)  animal lovers from central Iowa gather to educate the citizens of Ames about the pet store/puppy mill connection.  Dale Dyvig, owner of the pet store,  knowingly purchases his puppies from a “family breeder” in  the “Waterloo area”, or so he tells his customers… Century Farm Puppies is located in Grundy Center, Iowa and they are the definition of a puppy mill. Dyvig also forgot to mention that he also uses New Design Kennels in Rockwell City, Iowa.  As you can see below, the CFP breeder will even tell you that the puppies are not kept in the home! 


The owner of the store and the employees have been feeding their customers that same line for over ten years. (The pet store here in Ames is not his first pet store, he has owned at least two more in recent decades- all while using the same breeders). Now is the time for people to learn the truth about where those puppies really come from. Keep in mind, when we talked with Dale before the protests began, he said that he had visited Century Farm Puppies and was okay with everything he saw.  Here is the handout Dale was giving his customers when the protests began.


This is a direct excerpt from the Century Farm Puppies website. 


Below is the most recent dog count from the USDA . As you can see, Century Farm Puppies has 155 adult dogs and 48 puppies. In recent years, they have had as many as 560 dogs on their property. While their numbers are dwindling, they still have far too many dogs in their care.  It should be stated that Dale Dyvig still used and approved of these breeders when they had all of those dogs and numerous violations. 

cfp (1)

Below are a few of the violations that they have had in the past which include: a build up of days old feces, on all of the flat surfaces of their buildings there was severe buildup of hair, dirt and other debris (which affected approximately 532 dogs at the time!!) Again, see for yourself. These are screenshots of the USDA reports.




Century Farm Puppies has been downgrading in recent years due to public pressure and the fact that more people are “waking up” about puppy mills. In recent years they had over 500 adult dogs on their property, which is an insane amount of dogs to care for. Many people have criticized us for quoting previous USDA reports, please keep in mind that Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe has used this breeder for several years and has always known what is going on in the puppy mill. Here are some of their most recent numbers. 

DyvigsUSDAA local radio station decided to look into Century Farm Puppies, what they saw and heard there were very troubling. They were not only able to see inside of the “honeymoon suites”, but they confirmed that there were over 125 dogs living inside of the sundowner buildings within the metal barn, the barking was unbearable, and there was an overwhelming smell. Not only did this confirm to us that it is a puppy mill- but what the owner, Rex Meyers, said ON AIR about the puppies he sells to Dyvigs- “…we don’t sell Teddy Bears, so those I send to the pet store.  Because they’re a cheap dog. We’re known for Cavachons.  I’d rather sell Cavachons.” 

Straight from the breeder’s mouth. The dogs he sells to Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe are cheap. For more information on Century Farm Puppies, click here. 




Nancy and Tom Carlson of New Design Kennels are very deep in the puppy mill world. Not only do they have a huge puppy mill of their own, they run under TWO names so the public doesn’t see that they breed several breeds of dogs (New Design Kennel and Illusion Japanese Chin) but they sell their unwanted dogs at terrible dog auctions. Most recently, In May, Nancy and Tom helped out at another dog auction that I attended. These “reputable breeders” have no problem breeding dogs that aren’t healthy. If you read the article above, you will note that many of her dogs were missing teeth, eyes and had open wounds AT THE AUCTION! Below shows you an approximate number of dogs that she sells on her property and, below that, we highlight some of her violations. For more information on New Design Kennels, please click here. 




If the inspection reports aren’t bad enough. Look at how these dogs are forced to live. 

Please remember, that the owner of Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe has been to both of these places and approved of how these dogs are kept. I am not okay with how these animals are living… Are YOU? 


Sadly, Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe also buys their small animals from a large supplier of small animals.  Yes, there are small animal (and cat) mills too


How can you help?


Call or stop in!

(515)233-5625 If you feel strongly enough (and are brave enough), contact him this way. Ask him directly about the puppies and the welfare of the  parent dogs.  We do not want to see a local business close down, instead we want the owner to choose a more humane business model by  either not selling puppies at all, or choosing to help shelter dogs instead! 

Visit us on Saturdays! 

A small group of us stands in front of the store every Saturday morning (the time varies) and Sunday afternoons , educating the citizens of Ames about the pet store/puppy mill connection. Whether you join us for the full two hours or just stop by to show you support, we would love to see you! You can find out when we are at the store, through our facebook page! 


Don’t give your business to pet stores that sell puppies and kitties. Pet overpopulation is a terrible problem in our country and only the consumers can help change that. If you are looking for a new pet PLEASE visit your local shelter. Over 35% of dogs in shelters are purebred, they are just overlooked. If you can’t find what you are looking for at your local shelter, please try It is a tremendously helpful site! You can search for ANY BREED anywhere. Don’t breed or buy while homeless pets die! 



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“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead



Actual Dogs Sold from Dyvigs <—-> The “Sundowner Buildings” that the mill owners refer to as “honeymoon suites” There were three of these in one building at the mill.