Puppy Mills Profit from PPP loans

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After millions of families and businesses across the country were affected by the coronavirus, the Federal Government provided financial relief to small businesses across the country. Small businesses were granted loans under the “Small Business Association’s Paycheck Protection Program” and, according to their website,  these loans are “designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll.”

Unfortunately, many puppy-selling pet stores received money from the Paycheck Protection Program. Thanks to this easy search engine of PPP loans , we were able to find many of those stores and make that list public below.

One thing that is very important to note is that many businesses applied for the PPP loan under their LLC name , which was very different than the store name they do business as. After researching these LLCs, we were able to determine that even though Petland’s Headquarters received between 2-5 million dollars through PPP funding, at least 15 of their locations received additional funding. One of the Petland stores that received the PPP funding is currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General. 

Below you will find the list of puppy-selling stores and the range of funding they received. We also linked each store to our research which connects them to the puppy mills they source from. 



$350k- $1m 


$150k – $350k 


Sadly, our research has also exposed puppy mills and puppy brokers that received financial assistance from the government. 

$150k – $350k


Even though many states were under lockdown and had travel advisories, many of the above pet stores still imported hundreds of puppy mill puppies from the Midwest in order to continue doing business. This not only put the store employees in danger, but the customers and cross-country transporters as well. We researched this dangerous cross-county transports during the height of the pandemic. You can view our findings here



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