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Century Farm Puppies (Grundy Center, Iowa)

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Century Farm Puppies Rex and Debbie Meyers Phone: 319-824-3214 Cell Phone: 319-415-8009 Grundy Center, Iowa              Rex and Debbie Meyers once told me that their puppies are shipped all over the country, mainly to Las Vegas and New Hampshire. It got me thinking… Those people must be using the internet to contact this facility! So, in honor of Century Farm… Read more »

When is enough finally enough?

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The Starfish– Author Unknown One day a man was taking a sunrise walk along a beach. In the distance he caught sight of  a young woman who seemed to be dancing along the waves. As he got closer  he saw that the young woman was actually not dancing, but picking up starfish from the sand and tossing them gently back into the ocean…. Read more »

Keeping Dogs Safe in the Cold

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I don’t know where you are from, but I live in Iowa. If ever need to know ANYTHING about this state (and the surrounding midwest states) it will be that we have COLD WINTERS. I am not talking cold like 30 degrees, I am talking 30 below WITH A WINDCHILL… If you don’t know what a windchill is, I envy… Read more »

Captain Planet Fights Puppy Mills

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One of my readers informed me that this video exists. I searched and searched for it and here it is! Does anyone remember Captain Planet? It was a show in the early 90’s that existed to spread awareness of global issues to children. Captain Planet has five “planeteers” and they are all kids who want to help save the planet…. Read more »

Teacup Puppies– All the rage

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I am so amazed at the number of people who are looking to buy “Teacup Puppies.” For those people searching for teacup puppies and running across my blog, PLEASE read it entirely. You need to hear the truth behind this   non-breed and not what the pet stores and breeders want you to hear! I have said it before and I… Read more »

Cat (Small Animal) Mills: The Awful Truth

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Any animal can be milled! That is a truth that not everyone realizes. Sugar Gliders, Rats, Chinchillas, rabbits,  foxes, Ferrets and kittens. Any animal that you see in a pet store has (more than likely) been milled.  Thankfully, there has been some (not enough) media attention surrounding puppy  mills. Most everyone has at least heard the term or seen a picture… Read more »

Laika, the unsung hero

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Laika, a three-year old, terrier-mix was picked up off of the cold Russian streets and became the first astronaut to orbit the Earth. On November 3, 1957, she was sent into her first space mission, only to die a few hours later. So why did the Soviets decide to send a dog into space? The decision to launch Laika was decided for two main reasons… Read more »

Is “Faux Fur” really that fake?

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“I love animals and would NEVER wear real fur-  faux fur should be safe, right?” Shockingly… no. There are many reports out there that claim that most garments claiming to be made of “faux fur” actually tested positive for dog fur. In one test, the Humane Society of the United States tested 25 different jackets and of that, 24 of them… Read more »

Dog Auctions

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Dog auctions are a painful and despicable fact of life here in the Midwest, maybe not Iowa as much– but definitely our neighbors to the south. As I am sure you have all realized by now, the importance of educating as many people as I can about animal-related issues is my passion.  Dog auctions are certainly no different. They go… Read more »

Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe, Ames, Iowa

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Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa sells puppies from known puppy mills.  As an animal lover, I am asking everyone reading this to please think twice before you shop at Dyvigs Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa. Every Saturday morning (and some other days)  animal lovers from central Iowa gather to educate the citizens of Ames about the pet store/puppy mill connection.  Dale Dyvig, owner of the pet store,… Read more »