What’s in YOUR Backyard?

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Want to see a puppy mill for your own eyes? 


Everyone has differing opinions of what a “puppy mill” is.

Some breeders say that it is a derogatory term, much like a racial slur. Other breeders say that the “AR”s (or Animal Rights Activists, as they refer to us) are using it as a blanket term to cover anyone that breeds and that we want to end all breeding altogether (which is false, by the way)

My own PERSONAL definition of a puppy mill is ANY breeder of any size that puts the profit of the sale over the welfare of the dogs left behind. I don’t care if you have two dogs or two hundred. If you are allowing the parent dogs to go without proper food, water, shelter, VET CARE, or socialization then YOU are a puppy mill, by my standards.

Sadly, Iowa is full of these. Even worse, the reputable breeders won’t step forward and speak out against these terrible facilities. 

According to the USDA website, Iowa has over 239 USDA Commercial dog breeding facilities…. How many of them can honestly say that they care for their dogs? As you have read, I have been to an auction where sick and injured dogs were still being bred and then sold to worse kennels to continue this terrible lifestyle. Well… It has got to stop.

If you are curious about puppy mills in your area, here is the link to the USDA website. From here, you can search for name, city, county, type of animal… You name it, and it is all public information.

I dare you to drive by one of these places in your area. Don’t stop… Don’t harass…  Just drive by. See what I see… Smell what I smell… Hear what I hear.

Put a face on the evil in your area. Draw attention to these places. Stop being complacent. 

Do you know anyone in Polk County (Iowa)? 

Do you know anyone that lives in Des Moines? 

Melving Jennings lives at 2650 NE 108th Street, Mitchellville, Iowa- A 20 minute drive from our state’s capital. Yet, it remains hidden among Iowa’s agriculture. NOT ANY MORE. Help me put Jenning’s on the map. 

Recent USDA inspection report dog counts:
11/7/11 – 67 adults/39 puppies
1/28/11 – 105 adults/41 puppies
2/10/10 – 115 adults/71 puppies

However, Denny Wiese Iowa Puppies (a breeder just down the road, in Altoona) recently closed her doors and it is rumored that the dogs were recycled into this facility. Her latest USDA report showed  161 adults/85 puppies (on 11/7/11). 

Jennings has been cited in the past for having “an excessive accumulation of feces on the wire flooring” and it affected approximately 75 dogs. 

Do you think that he can take care of 100 extra dogs? 

Did you know, you can drive right by this place and see dogs from the road? You can hear their barking from your car. 


 Here is the link again to the USDA website. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you about the breeders in your area. 

Go out and find them yourself. 

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“Adopt, Don’t Shop for your next pet” 

**Note: I am not condoning any violence or action against the breeders found on the USDA website. It is meant to be an educational tool to aid in informing others about the atrocities that are happening in your own backyard. Please share the information and make complaints to the proper authorities in your area (sheriff, humane society, and department of agriculture… yes, complain to all of them)