Ag-Gag Bill… Death to the Vigilante

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On January 25, HF 589 – the “Ag Gag” bill was reintroduced to the Iowa Senate. This bill will make it criminal to secretly videotape in order to file charges of abuse.

Details on HF 589:

The bill makes it criminal to damage a factory farm, kill the animals, theft, or disrupting operation.

Taking video, or photographs of a factory farm or of any violations that may occur on the farm will land you a misdemeanor.

If you enter a farm under false pretenses, such as someone seeking employment to take video evidence, you will get a misdemeanor. This is something that PETA and the Humane Society of United States does all the time getting groundbreaking evidence that saves many animals every year.

The bill also allows factory farms to bring civil suits to anyone who commits these acts up to three times amount of the actual damage.

Please call your Senator, today and tell them NOT to pass this bill (HF 589)!

What it means for Animal lovers:

This bill is not only stopping the people who are standing up for farm animals that are being abused,  but even the breeder next door. You wouldn’t be allowed to take a photo or videotape of  the inside of a dog breeding operation. This would completely hinder the efforts of many groups, which is why the Iowa Pet Breeders Association is all for it.

What we do know is that organizations like the HSUS and PETA need to be allowed to do the work that the federal and state governments are not: documenting the kind of behavior most of us deem atrocious.

HF 589 is an attempt by the factory farm industry to criminalize basic watchdog functions that everyday folks have to hold factory farms accountable for violations they commit.Documentation has been critical in the past in getting the USDA and other agencies to take  action.


Sparboe Farms was shown abusing their chickens

E6 Cattle Company was shown killing their cows in very inhumane ways.

Hormel farm in Iowa was charged after brutally killing piglets.

And many puppy mills have been brought to light.

Again… PLEASE contact your senator and tell them NOT TO PASS HF 589