Century Farm Puppies (Grundy Center, Iowa)

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Century Farm Puppies

Rex and Debbie Meyers

Phone: 319-824-3214

Cell Phone: 319-415-8009

Grundy Center, Iowa


“One woman said she didn’t know how happy the puppy would be losing it’s lake front condo and moving to Beverly Hills!”

             Rex and Debbie Meyers once told me that their puppies are shipped all over the country, mainly to Las Vegas and New Hampshire. It got me thinking… Those people must be using the internet to contact this facility! So, in honor of Century Farm Puppies brand new website, I am creating this post! I will be comparing their claims with actual reports from the USDA inspectors that visited this puppy mill. If you are stumbling upon this site because you are searching for the actual Century Farm Puppies webpage, I implore you to continue reading. Read this post in this entirety. I am about to show you behind the curtain… Behind the beautiful webpage with the adorable puppies. I am going to show you how the USDA inspectors view this “top kennel in Iowa” (*editor note, that is a self-made claim by Rex and Debbie.) First, I want to share with you, an email that we have from Deb Meyers– PROVING that the dogs are not raised in the home. 


          The claims that you will read come straight from their website and they are the same that every other commercial dog breeder uses:

Big farm,  lots of land to run,  happy,  healthy,  USDA inspected…

The information that I will use will come from three sources: Century Farm Puppies, Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe, and the USDA inspection reports .

Example of a Sundowner building. There are 3 of them crammed into one building at this facility


” We have 200 acres and a Lake for the puppies to explore” (from the website) 

Rex and Debbie said that they have an outdoor pen and the puppies are only allowed to play in it. When I was on their property, they put all of the puppies in this circular gate that was no bigger than a child’s swimming pool.  They had old lawn chairs that the puppies were able to climb around and play on. Debbie told me that she gets these at garage sales or on the side of the road… ** I should mention that the adult dogs are never allowed to leave their cages. They aren’t taken out unless it is time for the “veterinarian” to visit, and most of them time they still remain in their tiny cages.

“USDA is extremely picky, they do not allow any cobwebs, fly specks, hair, etc…” (from their website) The info below is from their USDA reports. 

“Our adults have inside/outside runs with heating and air conditioning, automatic feeder/water and automatic doors.” (from their website) The info below is from the USDA reports


Debbie said that the only protection against the elements (weather) are flaps that come down or doors that close. She said that there was no air or heat for the parent dogs.

“Our puppies are very well cared for and spoiled…” (again, from their website) and below is the USDA reports

**Editors note: When I was there, Rex offered me bad advice when it came to heart guard. He said that you can just buy the medicine for the biggest breed and then just split it among several dogs (or among several months). This CAN NOT happen. Those heart guard pills don’t have the medication spread evenly throughout the pill. One dog may get no dose, while the other gets an overdose. PLEASE be careful and do not listen to his bad advice!


         I have personally been to this facility twice and have personally seen many of these violations (and much more). Thankfully, I was able to rescue a “retired” King Charles Cavalier, who had a dropped uterus during her last pregnancy. She was only three (ish) years old and the genetic defects were already showing. She was diagnosed (after visiting a real vet for the first time in her life) with luxating patellas- a genetic disorder that was passed to each puppy she had. Sadly, she isn’t the only sick adult dog there. She is the only one we could remove from that horrendous situation.

        Since Century Farm only uses the APR registry, they don’t have to screen for genetic defects… Not to mention, the USDA requires that a vet only checks out the dogs once a year. The whole situation is very unhealthy for the adult dogs.

I refer to this facility as a “puppy mill”, because they worry more about quantity and not quality. Small time, family operations do not have almost 600 dogs on their property. Here are a few of the most recent dog numbers at Century Farm puppies (from the USDA) 






      These are the reasons why we are picketing at Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe in Ames, Iowa. It is very important that Dale Dyvig not be associated with any breeder (especially this family)! Please contact him and express your concerns… Ask Dyvig’s Pet Shoppe to have adoptable pets, as opposed to commercially bred dogs!


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