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Cat (Small Animal) Mills: The Awful Truth

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Any animal can be milled! That is a truth that not everyone realizes. Sugar Gliders, Rats, Chinchillas, rabbits,  foxes, Ferrets and kittens. Any animal that you see in a pet store has (more than likely) been milled.  Thankfully, there has been some (not enough) media attention surrounding puppy  mills. Most everyone has at least heard the term or seen a picture… Read more »

Balls are for fetching

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…. Spay and Neuter your Pets! I saw this on a t-shirt this weekend at the Great Iowa Pet Expo and I just had to share it with you all.   It was at the booth for the Animal Protection and Education Charity (www.goape.info) . Then it hit me… I haven’t done a post about affordable spay/neuter programs in the Iowa area…. Read more »