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Iowa Puppy Mills by the Numbers

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  As an Iowan, I have always been proud to live in this state. The scenery is beautiful, and the people are amazing. I have always believed that there is no better place than here…. Since starting Bailing Out Benji in 2011, my eyes have been opened to the world of misery and torture in our own back yard. I… Read more »

Horse Diving- a blast from the past?

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**UPDATE!!! Steel Pier has since backed out of their proposed idea… The horses are safe, for now! Thank every one of you that called and signed the petition.  ** For my HORSE-loving friends…. Atlantic City wants to bring back “high-diving horse”  acts to its Steel Pier. These acts haven’t been around since the 1970s — and for good reason, as… Read more »

Undo Those Chains

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The days of dogs being chained up in our backyards are over… FOREVER! What is considered “animal abuse” when chaining a dog? Owners that chain their dog on a very heavy and short chain to an object with no shelter, no fresh water and in all types of weather aliments for any amount of time are committing animal abuse.  It breaks… Read more »

Juveniles Torturing Pets

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How it Should be

“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar”. The meaning behind this quote goes deeper than many realize. It is so important in today’s society to teach our children WHILE THEY ARE YOUNG not to abuse animals. This seems like such a silly concept, but it is… Read more »

For this, and more, I thank you

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Every day I hear the stories… We all hear them.  The stories about beaten or starved animals that somehow survive terrible owners. The stories about perfect strangers falling into the equation, and making their lives better — whether these strangers take the abused animal straight out of the horrific home, or if they give them a second chance by adopting from a shelter…. Read more »

You may say I’m a dreamer

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BUT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE! (pictured are Zannah and Gabby) There are so many people in Iowa that simply want the best for our pets! We want harsher punishments for when they are abused, we want mills to stop making puppies daily, and we want the dogs in the shelters to get adopted so they can know what a… Read more »