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Bailing Out Benji Presents Iowa’s FIRST State-wide Puppy Mill Awareness Event

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Iowa’s first ever state-wide  PUPPY MILL AWARENESS EVENT! 2012  Iowa has over 230 USDA licensed “puppy mills”, with over 23,000 adult dogs trapped in cages for the entirety of their lives! (This number doesn’t include the unlicensed mills that we often hear about in the news!) Iowa, alone, sells  over 100,000 puppies to pet stores and through internet sales… After… Read more »

Animal Welfare Act and the USDA

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  Updated 2019 © Bailing Out Benji So many people have questions about USDA licensed breeders, the people who inspect them, and why certain licensed breeders are allowed to get away with many violations without any consequence- not to mention the many problems we have with small town zoos.   The Animal Welfare Act can be difficult to interpret, and it… Read more »

Reputable Breeder or Puppy Mill?

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In this day and age, the term “puppy mill” is becoming a blanket term for all dog breeders.  I don’t think that this is very fair. I have met many reputable breeders in my lifetime and they don’t deserve it… But on the same token, I have seen MANY USDA licensed breeding facilities that have brought me to tears because… Read more »

They Adopted…

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Jennifer Aniston chooses to adopt Ryan Gosling and his rescued friend George THEY ADOPTED!!   Joss Stone only adopts WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE?!?!?! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber adopted a rescue dog       www.petfinder.com You can find your next family member here.   LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! 

Teacup Puppies– All the rage

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I am so amazed at the number of people who are looking to buy “Teacup Puppies.” For those people searching for teacup puppies and running across my blog, PLEASE read it entirely. You need to hear the truth behind this   non-breed and not what the pet stores and breeders want you to hear! I have said it before and I… Read more »

Animal Shelter Adoption Program

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ANIMAL SHELTER ADOPTION PROGRAM …Or ASAP, as one branch of Petland is calling it. Puppies and kittens from commercial breeders are no longer  sold at ONE  Petland branch located in East Liberty, Pennsylvania. This store, that had been regularly picketed by animal advocates, has finally agreed that the profit is not worth the torture that the parents back at the mill go through each… Read more »

Children’s Books

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Sometimes it takes just one wonderful book to turn a child into an avid reader. So here are a few books that I recommend to turn your child (or class) into avid readers AND animal lovers. “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” — Jacqueline Kennedy  A Home for Dakota by… Read more »