Dog Alley- Canton, Texas

This is our NEW billboard that is right near the infamous Dog Alley in Canton, Texas.

Did you know that backyard breeders and puppy millers often sell their puppies at flea markets?  Did you know that in Canton, Texas there is an entire flea market dedicated to selling puppies, piglets, kittens, and other animals? 

Photo Credit: Animal Angels

This flea market, known as “Dog Alley”, is held the first weekend of every month during Canton Trade Days.  Breeders from Texas and surrounding states, many of them unlicensed, peddle their puppies to their customers.   Unsuspecting customers may end up purchasing a puppy with severe health conditions (the market is known to be infected by Parvo) and supporting a breeder that is neglecting and possibly abusing their dogs.

 In 2013 Humane Society of the United States performed and undercover investigation of the market and found “lethargic, underweight, and sickly-looking puppies, animals without water in the high heat, and puppies for sale who were so young that their eyes weren’t open yet.” To view this report in full, click here.  

Photo Credit: Animals’ Angels

In addition, the organization “Animals’ Angels” also did an undercover inspection of Dog Alley, in which they noted, ” Investigators noted that multiple dealers had posted signs stating “don’t let the puppies lick your fingers,” and were providing hand sanitizer to potential buyers. Upon striking up conversations with several different sellers and visitors, investigators were advised that the Trade Grounds were known to be infected with Parvo, a highly contagious viral illness.  The virus manifests itself in two different forms. The more common form is intestinal, which is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and lack of appetite. The less common form is the cardiac form, which attacks the heart muscles of very young puppies, often leading to death. The virus can easily be transmitted by just touching an infected dog and then touching another dog, as well as by simply walking over contaminated soil or infected feces.” You can read that full report here

We have since been able to connect them to one large puppy mill in Iowa by tracking government health documents of puppies moving across the state. Matt and Dana Ory of Dana’s Waggin Tales in Cantril, Iowa have 133 adult breeding dogsThey are regularly sending puppies to Dog Alley during the summer months. 

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We at Bailing Out Benji are committed to exposing this to those that may want to visit the Market.  Our newest billboard is I-20, just outside of Canton.  Everyone attending the Trade Days from the Dallas/Fort Worth area will drive past and ask themselves “what are puppy mills?”

Texas also has a huge pet store problem. To view some of the pet stores and the out-of-state puppy mills they are buying from, click here.


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