2021 Legislation

Bailing Out Benji’s research on the puppy mill and pet store industry has been crucial in passing many local and state bills across the country.

While we are not a lobbying organization, our role is to help educate citizens and policy makers about these issues and activate our grassroots volunteers and supporters in order to help them create lasting change for animals. We partner with many national 501c3s and 501c4s in order to make as big of a difference as possible. 


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Below you will find a list of public ordinances or bills that are being worked on by advocates and organizations across the country. 

*It is important to note that you should only ever contact your own council members or legislators. Policy makers want to hear from their own constituents about these issues and not advocates from across the country *

This page was updated on 4/30/2021

Local Humane Ordinances:

These are only the very public ordinances that are being worked on. Many more are currently being worked on behind the scenes. 

Aurora, Illinois- 

The council is still discussing the ordinance. If you are an Aurora Resident, you can contact the council directly here.

 Colorado Springs, Colorado- 

There has been ongoing discussions in Colorado Springs regarding the passage of a humane ordinance. The Council recently hosted a town hall in order to get the opinions of citizens. 

If you live in Colorado Springs, please contact your city council and let them know that you support a humane pet store ordinance. 


Renton, Washington-

The city council has been asked to consider passing a humane ordinance. Please let the council know that as a constituent, you support the passage of a humane pet store ordinance! You can contact the Renton City Council here.


Active Statewide Bills Pertaining to Puppy Mills and Pet Stores:




New York: A.4283  and S.1130

A.4283  and S.1130 OverviewPet Stores can only provide dogs, cats and rabbits for sale in their stores if they come from legitimate rescues and shelters. 

A.4283 Status: Currently in Assembly Committee

S.1130 Status: Currently in Senate Agriculture Committee

If you are a New York Resident, please contact your State Legislators here.

Pennsylvania: SB234, known as Victoria’s Law. 

SB234 Overview: Pet Stores can only provide dogs, cats and rabbits for sale in their stores if they come from legitimate rescues and shelters. 

SB234 Status: Pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee

If you are a Pennsylvania Resident, please contact your Senator here. 


Active Federal Bills


The Puppy Protection Act (HR 2840 / S 1385): 

HR 2840 / S 1385 Overview: These bills will require stronger standards of care including:

– Increase the enclosure sizes from the allowed 6in of extra space

– Require solid flooring instead of wire-bottom floors

– Require exercise for the dogs

– Require that they are fed twice per day

– Implement a socialization plan

– Require increased veterinary care

– And require protection from extreme temperatures.

This bill will also impose breeding limits per animal and ensure that breeders are making reasonable efforts to rehome retired dogs instead of discarding or killing them. Currently, none of this is required under the USDA.

HR 2840 / S 1385 Status: Seeking Federal co-sponsors now. Contact your US Representatives and US Senators here and politely urge them to co-sponsor this important legislation. 


Are you interested in learning more about how to fight the puppy mill industry?

Bailing Out Benji has started a new Podcast and Youtube show where we go in-depth about this industry. We also have specific episodes about passing a humane ordinance in your town and how to get involved with lobbying on the local, state and federal level. New episodes are released on Wednesdays. 

We are also always looking for motivated volunteers to help us educate about puppy mills and advocate for change. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us

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