Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills- The Podcast

From the team that brings you all of the latest puppy mill and pet store research, comes our newest project:

Truth, Lies and Puppy Mills- the Podcast.

This new podcast will allow our team to go in-depth on the various facets of the puppy mill industry, the issues that advocates across the country face, as well as interviews with industry experts as we all work together to create lasting change for the animals trapped in commercial breeding facilities. 


Your Podcast Hosts are: Ashly Dale from our Washington Team, Nicole Galvan from our Arizona Team and Mindi Callison, Bailing Out Benji’s Founder and Executive Director. 

Episode 3: The Pet Store/Puppy Mill Connection

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Episode 2: Puppy Mills 101

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EPISODE 1: Introductions with Nicole, Ashly and Mindi 

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