2020 Holiday Puppy Mill Awareness Campaign

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Every Holiday Season (and all year long)  Bailing Out Benji works tirelessly to raise awareness about the pet store/puppy mill connection. This is the busiest time of year for pet stores and puppy mills, because the public makes decisions with their hearts and they don’t take the time to do the proper research. Because of this, we turn our focus to large PSAs over the Holidays. We take our message straight to the public in hopes of stopping potential puppy buyers before they give their money to a very cruel industry. 

Last year, we reached over a million people through our theater ads and billboards that we released across the country! With our ads playing before Star Wars and Frozen 2, we were able to educate many different demographics that our in-person events might have missed. 

Due to Covid, the majority of families are staying at home this Holiday season and we have, once again, had to pivot our educational efforts in order to reach people where they are at. This year we are thrilled to announce our largest campaign yet. The first of which kicked off on November 1st. 

And we couldn’t be more excited to announce it….. 

That’s right!

Our 30 second animated PSA, which you can view here, will be playing on Hulu from November 1st until December 31st. In that time, our ad will reach 1 million devices. With Hulu being one of the largest streaming services across the country, we will no doubt be reaching whole families and potential puppy-buyers with our message. 

Because of our commitment to educating in a family-friendly manner, our ad has been approved for all ages and all streaming shows. This will have a huge impact on the puppy mill industry and we are extremely excited to share the news with you all. 

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Remember: Puppy mills exist because the public is funding them. 

Help us educate the public about what puppy mills are, where they are, and how they are selling to consumers

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