2019 Holiday Puppy Mill Awareness PSAs

Every Holiday Season (and all year long)  Bailing Out Benji works tirelessly to raise awareness about the pet store/puppy mill connection. This is the busiest time of year for pet stores and puppy mills, because the public makes decisions with their hearts and they don’t do the proper research. 

This is why we turn our focus to creating big public PSAs over the Holidays. We take our message straight to the public in hopes of stopping potential puppy buyers before they give their money to a very cruel industry. 2019 is our biggest year yet for educational PSAs and we couldn’t be happier! We took our animated PSA and turned it into a commercial to be played in movie theaters across the country! Below you will find the locations of where our ads and billboards will be. 

* We might also be adding to this list based on donations and support * 

If you are interested in donating to our current PSA fundraiser, you can do so here. We can’t continue doing all that we do without your support. 


These 60 second ads will play before every single movie in the theaters below, from Black Friday to the New Year. We also have educational posters in each of these locations! These ads alone will reach over ONE MILLION PEOPLE next month. With hits like Frozen 2, Jumanji 2 and the latest Star Wars movie- we are reaching a wide variety of consumers. You can view our  our animated PSA here or in person at any of the following theaters:


St Clair 10 Cinema- Fairview Heights, IL 

Hollywood Palms Cinema- Naperville, IL 


Sycamore Cinema- Iowa City, IA 

Century 20 Jordan Creek Cinema- Des Moines, IA 

Legacy 3 theater- Shenandoah, IA 

Royal 3 Theatre- Le Mars, IA 


Safari Cinema- Moorhead, MN 

Rochester Galaxy 14 + IMAX – Rochester, MN 


Eagles Landing 8 Cinema- Lake Ozark, MO 


Edgewood Cinema- Lincoln, NE 

Askarben 10 Theater- Omaha, NE 

Pioneer 3 Theater- Nebraska City, NE 

New Jersey:These ads will run:  12/20-12/26

AMC Garden State 16: Paramus Mall Theater. Paramus, NJ

AMC Mountainside 10. Mountainside, NJ

VIRGINIA – These ads will run: 11/20- 12/5 and 12/20-12/26

Fairfax Corner 14- Fairfax, VA 

Fredericksburg 14- Fredericksburg, VA

Valley View Grande Stadium 16- Roanoke, VA

Legacy Theaters- Staunton, VA 


Campus Ripon Cinema- Ripon, WI 

Ho-Chunk Cinema- Tomah, WI 

Southgate Cinema- Milwaukee, WI 

If you are interested in donating to our current PSA fundraiser, you can do so here. We can’t continue doing all that we do without your support. 


We are also putting billboards up in strategic areas across the country. These billboards will be placed near stores that are selling puppies from puppy mills. 


Jane, Missouri- Right at the state line as people enter Arkansas

Benton County- past the exit in Lowell with a South facing billboard

 Washington County- Johnson Exit coming into Fayetteville


North Riverside- Cermak (22nd St) and First Ave (north facing)

North Riverside- Cermak (22nd St) and First Ave (south facing)

Joliet- Route 59, WS, at Theodore, FS – Digital

Bolingbrook – Boughton Rd, N/S, 25’ E/O Janes Ave, Facing East


Davenport: 713 Harrison Ave. 


Puyallup, WA : River Road/76th Ave; Canyon Road/128th St; Meridian St E/160th St; Canyon Road/84th St; AND 112th St/98th Ave. 

If you are interested in donating to our current PSA fundraiser, you can do so here. We can’t continue doing all that we do without your support. 

If you are interested in getting a billboard or commercial up in your town, please contact us! BUT FIRST: Individuals can start by identifying a nearby billboard location or theater company and finding out the fee to rent the space. If you wish to rent the ad space, or can get the sign owner to donate the space for free, we will provide all artwork and PSAs at no cost. We cannot, however, fund additional ads at this time without donor support. 


Do YOU want to be a walking billboard? Then make sure you order one of our #EndPuppyMills t-shirts here and wear it everywhere you go! 

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