What you can do to help end puppy mills

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“What the Heck is Going on with Puppy Mills and What Can You do to Help?”

Part 2

Written by Becky Monroe

In the spirit of Puppy Mill Awareness month, it seems only appropriate to share the many opportunities there are to help the dogs stuck in puppy mils. If you haven’t read the first installment of the series, you can do so here

What can you do to help?

There are so many things individuals can do without even joining a specific group. Just educating others on the truth about pet stores and on-line puppy sales and where these puppies come from and the inhumane conditions their parents endure.

There are so many people who still do not know this truth.

You can educate friends and family on adopting their next dog from a local shelter or rescue. You can let them know about on-line resources like petfinder.com and adoptapet.com where hundred of shelters and rescues post their dogs in need of homes.

You can make sure to only buy your pets’ necessities from stores who practice humane business models and don’t sell animals.  

You can volunteer and foster for a local shelter or rescue and help save the lives of other dogs waiting for homes of their own. Fostering and Adopting are big ways to help end puppy mills. 

If ending puppy mills and educating others on this issue is really important to you, you can join the hundreds of Bailing Out Benji volunteers across the United States! We have teams in so many of the states and are always looking to add more.

Our teams take on all kinds of projects and goals. Whether it is setting up educational tables at festivals, fairs, or conventions (these do not have to be dog related events) or going into schools and libraries to teach children about puppy mills, our teams look for ways to get involved in their communities and raise awareness.

If you want to show your passion for ending puppy mills, our teams across the country put together protests to educate the public about the reality of pet store puppies. The protests can be weekly, monthly or at the organizer’s choosing and can be an hour to all day, whatever works for you. Bailing Out Benji is happy to help put together signage.

Joining in on a parade and handing on information to the crowd is a great way to get the message out! Bailing Out Benji has lots of flyers to share for events like these.

If you are good at organizing events and raising money for a cause you care about, we always love to have volunteers who help us fundraise, so we can keep our educating and awareness going. Events like trivia nights at local bars where the establishments will often donate a portion of the proceeds to us. The Virginia team had a fun event called “Beers for Benji Yappy Hour” and set up an educational table, raffles, and had a local shelter bring adoptable dogs. The ideas are endless and if you love to be creative and get people together in the name of dogs, we would love to have you on the team. 

Our teams get involved in introducing humane ordinances to cities and towns as well as getting involved at the state level with lobbying for legislation. And, don’t feel like you need to be an expert at puppy mill statistics or information. Bailing Out Benji is a plethora of facts and figures on this cruel industry. We are always willing to share our information, so that our volunteers are well-informed and well-prepared for any meetings they need to attend or initiate.

You don’t even have to leave your home – Letters to the Editor that help educate your community on puppy mills and what local residents can do to get involved. Perhaps, a letter inviting people to join in on Puppy Mill Awareness Month?

We have a podcast that addresses all types of truths and lies about the puppy mill industry by speaking with varying people with all kinds of animal backgrounds and having open and honest discussions about the issues.

Our teams work on endless research so that when someone wants to either expose a pet store for selling a sick puppy or wants to introduce a humane ordinance in a city, they have all the information they need to make their case effectively.

If I am just talking from my own experience, what I love about Bailing Out Benji is its inclusiveness. They are so welcoming and so eager to help volunteers find what they are good at and use that to help further their cause.

They don’t believe everyone fits in a certain round peg. They appreciate our differences and our different opinions and understand it is those differences that ultimately make us a leading animal advocacy organization.

If you have been wondering what you can do to make a difference in this fight against puppy mills, let this be your sign. Join Bailing Out Benji as we make the next giant strides to a puppy mill free America.

As someone who has been engaged in this fight for nearly 15 years now, we are on the brink of real change. Your support and involvement WILL make a difference not just for the millions of animals prisoners in mills right now, but it will make a difference in your own life – allowing you that chance to pursue what you are passionate about and giving you the resources and support to make things better for the animals we all love so dearly.

Lastly, one thing you can do today, September 30, is post your puppy mill survivor on social media with the any of these #BailingOutBenji #EndPuppyMills #NationalPuppyMillSurvivorDay Let’s put faces to all the thousands of dogs still hoping to one day get a chance at freedom. Let’s educate and let’s end puppy mills for good.

Tails and Truths would like to continue to showcase mill survivor transformations as a way to put faces to the thousands of dogs still prisoners in breeding facilities. If you would like to share your mill dog’s story, please email me at bmonroe@bailingoutbenji.com

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