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What is a puppy mill?

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Bailing Out Benji is a national, grassroots nonprofit organization that is devoted to providing the most current and accurate data regarding the puppy mill industry.  If you want to get involved in our fight to expose the puppy mill industry, don’t forget to like us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter! You can also sign up to become one of our volunteers here. … Read more »

So you bought a puppy…

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So you bought a puppy from a pet store… Congratulations on your new family member! Let’s make sure you have everything on the “new puppy checklist”. Puppy Food Water/Food Dish Age appropriate toys Kennel Puppy Training pads Leash/Collar A VERY good Veterinarian. Did I forget to mention that the puppy you bought came from a puppy mill? And the last thing… Read more »