The Definition of Backyard Breeder- Low Wider Kennels

Iowa has over 300 “puppy mills”, these are the USDA licensed breeders… But what about the state licensed breeders?

Probably the best definition I have found so far to answer “What is a back yard breeder (BYB)?” comes from

“The average pet owner that breeds their dog(s).”

So, why are back yard breeders a problem? These are the people that are just breeding for the heck of it. They may have an amazing unaltered pet they want to try to replicate it by having puppies.  Or they think that their dogs are quality because they have “papers” and/or are registered with some registry. These people just put new puppies in the world, without having homes for them. Even if the dog is purebred, these are the breeders that you see on craigslist… The ones that are trying to hock their wares because they didn’t take the time to find homes for the dogs BEFORE they were bred. 

Far too often, BYBs breed dogs with faults. This perpetuates fault and problems in the breed. They do nothing to prove their dogs are of sound temperament and that they are breeding good representatives of the breed. They just breed. These are the breeders that “create” designer dogs…  THEY AREN’T EVEN MAKING PUREBREDS! Breeders that create these expensive mutts are just in it for the profit, as opposed to bettering the breed. The following is the heartbreaking story of Bosin, a purebred pitbull who’s life ended far too early, all because of bad breeding. 


“I’m still really hurting.  I loved him soo much, you know? He taught me how to love. I prayed so hard for a miracle to save his little life, and I was crushed when he died.”


Bosin as a puppy

This statement came from a woman who, out of the kindness of her heart, took a pitbull puppy from one of these backyard breeders, knowing that chances for survival were dim. In one of those “take him or he will go to the pound situations”, Cindy adopted this pit puppy, not knowing that her life would forever be changed. These BYBs had no state license, no registered papers, and no desire to even make sure their animals were healthy.  His legs were retaining water, and he was later diagnosed with 4 major heart defects- congenital heart failure and a fixed ring around his aorta, pulmonary stenosis, aortic stenosis, and wall-eye syndrome, from his parents being too closely related.

 Upon contacting the breeder, they were told (in much worse language) that all sales were final. His last weeks were very painful… He was throwing up constantly and losing weight. After much consideration, his family helped him over the rainbow bridge… Bosin didn’t make it to his first birthday, but he spent his last 8 months knowing that he was loved. 

Ashley and Cameron Edwards run LOW WIDER KENNELS in Waterloo, Iowa. According to Ashley’s facebook page, they have five breeding dogs and as you are reading this, I am waiting back to hear if they are even state licensed.  According to their webpage, Iceie, their first breeding dog, was only 10 months when they started breeding her. How many other sick puppies have been sold from this breeder? Underneath one of the puppy pictures on her facebook page she states that the pups are “300 for pick of litter 250 each after that” and “this is our last litter of cheap pups”. This just goes to show that this family is breeding for profit, and not to better the breed. 


If you are against backyard breeders and have been touched by Bosin’s story, please like this facebook page and show Iowa that we need to crack down on these types of people! 

If you have bought a sick puppy from this breeder (or any other) please contact me and I will put you in touch with the right people to make a complaint. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY UNLUCKY ONE, these breeders must be punished for what they are doing to their animals. 


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Let’s Do Some Math!

These are a few slides that I have added to my presentation (sorry they are so blurry)… But I wanted to share this visual with all of my readers. Keep in mind these are all “if” numbers. The actual numbers do vary a little because of the breed, age of the dog, and (more often than not) the breeder charges way more.  

So that being said…  

If the female ONLY has 6 puppies in a litter, only has two litters in a year and the breeder ONLY sells them at $400 a piece, that female is worth $4,800 annually…  That is $28,000 during her entire breeding life (if she is only bred for six years…)

This is all a numbers game… If that same breeder has 25 breeding females, then his annual income is around $120,000 a year.

In all reality, Steve Kruse makes almost 2 million a year. This is because he sells to pet stores and through other brokers. But still… two million?! Now, if you are like me… It makes you wonder how much of that profit goes back to the breeding dogs. In reality, almost none of it goes back. While one female makes almost $5,000 a year for the breeder, she is fed cheap food and receives little (to no) vet care. As of 2/22/12 – Steve Kruse had 895 adults and 263 puppies  trapped in his wretched buildings. These dogs are never let out of their cages (unless its for breeding), they never get handled, and they are never given the chance to learn what love is.

This is why we need to educate our friends, family and co-workers on where the money actually goes when they purchase a dog from a breeder, online, or from a newspaper. Sure, the outside of his facility looks decent, but the inside is terrible. CAPS  has taken numerous inside videos, and a pet store of his is currently being protested. Read more here about the “Happiness is NOT Pets Protest”

–Mindi… Please, “Don’t Shop, Adopt” and help educate those you know by sharing this post!

And if you think Steve Kruse’s Stonehenge Kennel is bad, please check out the scary world of the Hunte Corporation! You will be shocked.