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A Poem for Rehomers

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I’d live in a tent, I’d live in a car but never oh never would I go so far as to leave my poor doggie or my poor poor kitten to take housing at some place where they aren’t permitted! Forget it forget you, it will never happen! When I took him in it was love everlasten’ Away with the… Read more »

Dog Flipping

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 “Flipping dogs” refers to a money-making practice similar to flipping houses.  The flipper obtains dogs for free or at a low cost by responding to ads in newspapers or on craigslist.  This person waits a few days, and then “rehomes” the same pet on craigslist for profit.  Craigslist makes “pet flipping” way too easy. People can go online, find a… Read more »

Craigslist and Your Pet

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 Craigslist  pet  ads  are  annoying  me  to  no  end  lately…  I  try  and  try  to  stay  off  of  the  site  in  general,  but  I  am  drawn  to  it.           Trying  to   put  the  emotional  stuff  aside,  here  are  some  of  the  dangers  that  can  befall  a  pet  sold  on  Craigslist. Animal Abusers,  Puppy Mill owners,  dog fighters and  “bunchers”  scan … Read more »