The Sexual Perversion Behind Breeding.

In a business that revolves solely around the genitalia and sexual acts between animals, something has got to be said about the perversion of it all. In my opinion, these dogs that are trapped in puppy mills are sex slaves. They are forced to constantly mate for the profit of someone else. They are kept in tiny, unkempt cages for the entirety of their lives- never being allowed to live the life they were meant to. It is torture, to put a term on it. And the profit that comes from their litters is very rarely used to better the lives of the dogs. But how far are breeders willing to go to produce litters? 

For those of you that are unaware of how the breeding world works when it comes to puppy mills. When a female dog comes into heat, she is put into a separate cage with a male and left to “run” with him for a few days. Many breeders refer to these separate cages as “honeymoon suites” to put a positive spin for the public. Obviously, many puppies are littered this way, but what happens when females refuse? 


This is what’s known as a “natural mating” in Bulldogs. However, you notice that the owner has to hold the female up, so it doesn’t put as much stress on her.  As a dog lover, I am grossed out by the photo. How can any normal human being be a part of the sexual intercourse of dogs? From the, they offer this bit of advice for breeders:

“There may be a physical disparity that is holding up the mating. For instance, the bitch may be too short or too tall. If this is true, you’ll have to do something about it. And as hilarious as it may sound, you’ll have to prop up the bitch if she is too short or bolster up the male if he is too short. In the case of the bitch, you can hold her rear end up to the male. As for the short male, fold a blanket or coat and place it under his hind legs.When the male seems to be doing all the right things, but still fails to penetrate the bitch, he will have to be guided. The best method is take hold of the bitch with both hands under the abdomen, move her rear end to the right or left or up and down to facilitate entry by the male. In cattle breeding, the handlers often take hold of the bull’s penis and guide it into the cow’s vagina. But size is a factor in cattle breeding and a similar technique is not feasible with dogs. You will have to be patient and keep helping the male. But don’t make a marathon out of it. If the male fails to penetrate the bitch after an hour or two, give him a break. When you do separate the dogs, don’t give them any water. And after three or four hours of failure, call it off and bring the bitch back the next day.”

Ummm… What? Help guide the male in?!So this problem with dog breeding is more common than we thought, if a dog training site is giving advice on it. Again, as a dog lover, this disgusts me. If only the consumers knew how those puppies were really being created. Manual stimulation by humans. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. 

Below is an excerpt from a book. It gives some reasons that some breeders use as to why this is an acceptable occurrence in their lives. It uses terminology that I wouldn’t use, but it is informative and doesn’t go into gross detail. 

Excerpt from SOS DOG: The Purebred Dog Hobby Re-examined by Johan and Edith Gallant.

“Most of the breeders are very well aware of fertility cycles, and a bitch that finds herself close to the eleventh day is often loaded in a car destined to the breeder’s idea of her perfect mate. Since time equals money, it is expected from the bitch that, on arrival, she courteously concedes her rump to the male and lifts her tail out-of-the-way to enable a rapid and uncomplicated mating. Should the bitch, on arrival, refuse advances from the male, she will be characterised as dangerous. Most often she will then be escorted to a small enclosure, have her muzzle tied-up and have her body held still, ready to be mounted by the “mating machine.
It is amazing how many breed speciality books advise the newcomers and aspiring breeders about the dangers of mating. The unwilling bitch could bite the stud dog and ruin him for life! Once the stud has penetrated and the genital lock or tie is effective, a restless bitch could remain agitated tot he point that the penile bone causes internal damage or breaks! The authors of such books then advise that the bitch should be muzzled at arrival by tying a silk stocking or pantyhose around her snout and behind her ears, that she should be helped up so that the male can easily mount her and that she should be firmly restrained from turning her head back and from growling at the stud. Once the active part of the mating is over, the owner of the male should carefully lift one of its hind legs over the back of the bitch so that they stand backside to backside, and they should both be restrained until the end of the genital lock and thereupon be separated without allowing further contact between the two partners.”

This is what the writers above refer to as a mating stand. I, however, think of this more as a rape machine. These machines are used more often with the larger dogs, and it further proves that these animals are victims of the sex slave industry. If a breeder has to place a female in this rape machine, then she obviously is not okay with being bred. Not only do they have to endure this type of mating, their children are taken away much too young and sold to strangers- only for the cycle to start all over again. The definition of rape is “any act of sexual intercourse that is forced”. Yet this remains perfectly legal simply because it is an animal that is trapped. 

Here is a discussion that I found on a dog breeding forum that goes to show you the mentality of some of the breeders we are dealing with. 

Question:To anyone who breeds dogs:
Exactly how is this done and exactly how does strapping dogs down 
make them produce more litters? Is this the canine equivalent of 
gestation crates for sows?
These techniques were not taught in my vet school theriogenology 
courses so I am wildly curious about it.

Answer:I can answer this!
sometimes you have very heavy dogs like mastiffs and the bitch 
would be kind of stressed physically to bear the weight of a male, 
so various things are improvised like bales of hay and what have you 
to support the wieght of these giant beasts during the love act.
the other thing is often bitches of ANY BREED can decide during a 
tie, that THIS IS IT and they are going to run off, which can have 
serious consequences to the male, including the degloving of the 
penis. so these feisty gals are put in what we used to call a 
breeding stand, which is kind of like a dog being groomed on top of a 
table, except there is enough restraint so she cannot jump off and 
run away during the tie.

Because the tie can take so long that the people assisting wind up 
with lower back problems! and I used to muzzle my Afghan Hound 
bitches because they are nimble enough to reach around and bite the 
male on the nads!

Ps notice the absence of the word “RAPE” in my descriptions 

She may have not included the word rape, but that is exactly what I consider it. What are your thoughts? Do you consider these mating racks to be ethical? Do you think that humans should have any part of the mating process (ie. holding the female up during)? 

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Let’s not let this be the dirty little secret of the breeding world.