This day was created in September 2021 by Bailing Out Benji



In partnership with the National Day Archives, Bailing Out Benji has officially deemed September 30th as ‘National Puppy Mill Survivor Day’. 



When is National Puppy Mill Survivor Day?

This day will take place on September 30th of each calendar year.


What is National Puppy Mill Survivor Day?

National Puppy Mill Survivor Day is a day to honor all of the dogs who were rescued from the puppy mill industry, as well as those who never found freedom.

Puppy Mill Survivor Day falls on the last day of Puppy Mill Awareness Month (September) and seeks to raise awareness about the connection between puppy mills and the pet stores and online websites they sell through.


Why is this day being celebrated or observed? 

National Puppy Mill Survivor Day helps shine a light on the dogs who were rescued from the cruel puppy mill industry. It allows their adopted families to celebrate how far they have come and talk about what they endured.

These dogs were invisible victims for so many years and deserve to have their stories told to the world. 

This day is also in observance of all of the dogs, cats, rabbits and other victims of the commercial breeding industry that never found freedom. 


How should this day be celebrated or observed?

We suggest celebrating by posting photos of your puppy mill survivor and sharing their story on all forms of social media using the hashtags:




You can also tag the rescue you adopted them from and tag Bailing Out Benji as a way that the public can get involved to help end this cruel industry. You can also provide resources for education about what puppy mills are. 

What is a puppy mill? 

Where do pet stores and websites get their puppies? 

How is the USDA involved? 

How can I help? 

Where can I learn more? 



This day was created in September 2021 by Bailing Out Benji

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