Cats Seized from USDA licensed Cat Breeder in Texas

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March 2023

Bailing Out Benji has formally requested that the Brazoria County Sheriff investigate USDA licensee Patricia Bingham for possible animal cruelty and neglect based on Texas’ animal cruelty laws. 

A letter from the USDA dated March 8th, 2023 shows that there was a confiscation of 19 cats from the property belonging to Patricia Bingham (74-A-1531) of Alvin, Texas because of “failure to provide the adequate and necessary care to the animals”. 

This confiscation comes after Bingham has received 4 Direct Violations and 18 Non-Critical Violations in the first three months of 2023 and 2 Direct Violations and 11 Non-Critical Violations in the last month of 2022. 

Bingham’s license was also temporarily suspended for 21 days in December of 2022.

The animals seized include:

-A kitten (microchip # 985141005227690))

-An un-weaned kitten which is with its mother and 4 more kittens (985141004666850 – Female Bengal cat “Egypt”, 985141005790943 – Female kitten, 985141005790883 – male kitten, 985141005230223 – male kitten, 985141005794054 – male kitten, 985141004662109 – male kitten) -An adult female Leopard cat (microchip #985141005229824)

-Two male Leopard cats (microchip #: 98112011806778 and 985112011806600)

-One male Leopard cat, one female Bengal/Leopard cat hybrid, and one female Bengal in the cattery/garage – Cage #10 (046868541 – Male leopard cat “Roman”, 985141004667596 – Female Bengal cat “Izzy”, 985141003970662 – Female Bengal cat “Sierra”)

-A female Bengal cat (microchip #: 985112011806548), also housed in the cattery/garage

– Female leopard cat 985112011806473 housed in the cattery/garage

-Female Bengal cat “Lacy” 985141005229824 housed in the cattery/garage -Female Bengal cat “Sofie” 985112010103417 housed in the cattery/garage -Female Bengal cat “Pebbles” 991001004713780 housed in the cattery/garage -Female Bengal cat “Cheyanne” 985141003971325 housed in the cattery/garage

At the end of 2022, it was noted that Bingham had 53 cats on their property. 

At this time, Bingham still holds an active USDA license. 

While all of us at Bailing Out Benji are extremely grateful to the USDA for confiscating these animals, we are concerned about where the animals went after the seizure. We hope that they were taken to a reputable shelter or rescue for proper veterinary care but we have not yet been able to confirm their whereabouts.

In the past, the USDA has allowed dogs from at least one horrific puppy mill to be transferred to another problematic facility, who ended up euthanizing 199 dogs in one day. 

We will continue monitoring this situation and will be looking for answers as to where the seized animals wound up. 

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You can read Bingham’s inspection reports and the confiscation letter here: Patricia Bingham USDA