Meet the Survivors: Tashi

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Written by Becky Monroe 

Tashi is a Lhasa Apso who was rescued around the age of 3 or 4 who is now a whopping 15 years old!

Like so many, Tashi’s life did not start out well. She was a breeding dog in a Missouri puppy mill her first few years of life. Lucky for her, it seems breeding was not her thing, so a puppy miller released her to rescue.

Tashi’s mom, Mindy, saw Tashi up for adoption on the Internet and immediately knew she had to have her. She explained how Tashi’s soulful eyes drew her in. She put an application in right away.

Tashi hadn’t done well in the kennel part of the rescue organization, so a volunteer fostered her in their home which gave her some time to adjust.

Never having a puppy mill survivor before, Tashi’s behaviors were new to Mindy, but she was prepared to work them all out.

Tashi’s biggest struggles came from over-sensory stimulation like loud noises, too many noises, lots of people.

As Mindy explained, “It seemed like so many things were new to her and it just took time for her to feel safe and comfortable.” 

Tashi eventually overcame most of her insecurities thanks to all the patience and love Mindy showed her. Mindy said that they still don’t go into certain situations with lots of people, but that is just fine with her.

Mindy has enjoyed all the big milestones Tashi has reached like her first tail wag, her first time demanding a treat and wanting to go on a walk.

“It’s been so rewarding to watch her blossom from a frightened, insecure dog to a loving, sweet girl,” Mindy shared.

Mindy said she has learned a lot from Tashi about how well dogs can adjust when they are given love, patience, proper care and nutrition.

Tashi has come a long way from a puppy mill. She has her own social media where she educates others on puppy mills. Check out her facebook page, with over 3000 followers! Way to go Tashi – raising awareness with your adorable sweetness! 

Tashi would like to tell humans: “Please give the frightened animals a chance (when adopting). In time, they will learn to trust and be wonderful family members.”

Tashi has taught Mindy a few things, too. She knows now that she will always adopt pets who need a second chance — especially the ones who didn’t get a great start in life.

Mindy explained how it is so rewarding to see the milestones they achieve once they are in a loving environment.

She summed it all up best with this, “Tashi is my best friend. I feel she has a deep sense of appreciation for the life she has now.” The life you always deserved, Tashi!

We are so glad you found it with Mindy – who also happens to be a wonderful volunteer in Colorado for Bailing Out Benji! 

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