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Bailing Out Benji was established in 2011 and is dedicated to educating the public and providing them with the most accurate and current data on the puppy mill industry. 

It is our belief that a grassroots approach by concerned citizens is the most effective way to bring about change for animals and humans alike. Our focus is to encourage advocacy by providing the tools necessary to educate children and adults alike, while presenting the information in a non-graphic way.  Our tax EIN is 47-1652323

Bailing Out Benji is always looking for passionate and dedicated animal lovers to join our team!

Whether you are helping us create a new team in your state or want to join a team that is already formed, please fill out the easy form below and a volunteer from Bailing Out Benji will get back to you as soon as they can! 

Volunteer positions include (but aren’t limited to): 

*Team Leader- this position works in collaboration with our volunteers and leadership team and helps coordinate events and outreach across the state. This position is great for a motivated advocate who is interested in helping our nonprofit make bigger changes in their state. 

*Area Coordinator- this position works in collaboration with your state team leader and our leadership team in order to educate in your community and surrounding areas. This position is great for advocates who want to protest local pet stores, pass local ordinances and host events in their communities. 

*Benji Volunteer- this position is perfect for anyone who wants to help us educate in their city and online but can’t commit to a leadership position. 

Volunteer Opportunities Include (but aren’t limited to): 

*Hanging Flyers up in your community and around the local colleges.

*Educating at tabling events like expos, adoption events, libraries, etc.

*Talking to your city council regarding the adoption of humane ordinances.

*Educating in front of pet stores that sell puppy mill dogs.

*Passing humane pet store ordinances in your city or state.

Together, we can create big changes for the puppy mill dogs in the United States! 


To view some of the research and facts behind what we do, please check out the following links!

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 How can you help?


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