Goldie’s Act

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December 7, 2021

Written by Mindi Callison


Iowa Congresswoman says ‘Enough’. 

In response to the horrific puppy mill owned by Daniel Gingerich of Seymour, Iowa, US Representative Cindy Axne has introduced a bill into Congress that would require the USDA to more effectively do its job.

As you might recall, Gingerich received nearly 200 USDA violations in 2021, all while still selling puppies to pet stores. Even though we are thrilled that 500 dogs were rescued, countless more needlessly suffered and died at the hands of a federally licensed breeder. 

Goldie’s Act (H.R.6100) was named after a severely emaciated Golden Retriever that suffered for months on end while USDA inspectors did nothing more than document her deteriorating health conditions. Goldie left this earth without ever knowing the love or kindness of a family. 

Today we are asking you to help us make sure that no animal ever has to suffer inside of a licensed and inspected puppy mill ever again. 

Eleanor (pictured) is another golden retriever who was rescued from Maple Hill Puppies in 2021. Click on the image to learn more about her story.

Goldie’s Act (H.R.6100) is a new bill that has been introduced into Congress and it will explicitly require the USDA to:

-Conduct more frequent and meaningful inspections,

-Confiscate animals that are suffering,

-Impose penalties for violations, and

-Share inspection information in a timely manner with local law enforcement.

You can view the bill language in full here. Please contact your US Representative today and urge them to support Goldie’s Act.

You can contact your US House Representative directly or use our easy action alert form with a pre-drafted email here

What Else You Can Do:


In 2021, our research helped advocates across the country pass more than 30 humane pet store ordinances and 4 state bills that either curb puppy mill sales or provide transparency to the customer. We combed through nearly 100,000 sale records in order to connect 406 pet stores in 35 states to the hundreds of breeding facilities they source from. 

You can help the dogs trapped in puppy mills right now by educating your friends and family about puppy mills and pet stores in your community. Sadly, the public keeps puppy mills in business and December is prime puppy-buying season. 



Being a voice for the dogs trapped in puppy mills doesn’t have to stop at social media. There are many ways that you can actively help end puppy mills. One of the most effective things you can do is contact your own city council members and ask them to pass a humane ordinance that prohibits pet stores from selling puppies from puppy mills. Daniel Gingerich was allowed to sell more than 500 puppies in 2021 to pet stores across the country while he was forcing unimaginable cruelty on the dogs in his care. Ending the puppy mill to pet store pipeline is crucial and we can help! Contact us today to learn more. 



We will continue researching and fighting this cruel industry and expect to have even more of an impact in 2022 but we can’t continue our important work without you

Thanks to an amazing supporter, all donations made today through the end of December will be matched up to $5,000. In honor of puppy mill survivors Juno, Pippa, & Cheetah, the Judith Neal Family in Wisconsin is asking you to make a donation in honor of all of the puppy mill dogs who deserve to know love, kindness and dignity before they leave this earth. 

If you are able to give, please consider donating in honor of Goldie, Juno, Pippa and Cheetah or your own puppy mill survivors. 


Thank you so much for your support today and every day. Together we can end puppy mill suffering once and for all.