To Alter or Not to Alter….

So many people question whether or not they should spay/neuter their pet… I came across this flow chart and wanted to share! 

Firstly, if you have a cat then you NEED to have it altered. There is absolutely no need to breed cats. Even if they are farm cats, it is important that you trap, neuter, and release them. There are many organizations that offer low-cost spay/neuters for cats- please take advantage of them! 

Now… On to dogs. Far too many people allow their dogs to run around 

unaltered. This is completely irresponsible. Refer to the flow chart

below and then make your decision wisely! I want to add that if

you have a “designer dog” under NO circumstances should 

you breed it. You are just adding to the mass of mixed

breed, “fluffy” dogs in shelters. 

In a society where dogs and cats are seen as disposable and millions are euthanized each year, altering your pet 

only makes sense! 

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