They Adopted…

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Jennifer Aniston chooses to adopt

Ryan Gosling and his rescued friend George


Katherine Heigl is a HUGE animal advocate

Alyssa Milano believes in “Adopt, Don’t Shop”

Oprah loves adopted animals too

Kaley Cuoco and adopted friend 🙂

  Joss Stone only adopts


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber adopted a rescue dog

Taylor Swift just adopted a furry friend 




Charlize Theron and her adopted dog

You can find your next

family member here.


Emma Stone and longtime boyfriend, Andrew Garfield decided to add a furry friend to their family 🙂 They went to their local shelter and picked out a sweet dog!



Josh Hutcherson from “The Hunger Games” adopted a new furry friend too. “Driver” is a special needs pitbull with only a few toes and had to undergo femur surgery.

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  1. Lisa Kuehl

    Celebrities of all types are huge influences on their admireres and the general public. It’s great to see all of these public flgures supporting adoption and animal welfare causes. I’d like to see more attention focused on these issues by these sorts of folks…I wish I had a fraction of their money and fame so I could do more for the animals. The world and media watch what celebrities do closely, and every trend they take up, every public statement they make gets heard the world over. They are some of the best voices for the voiceless…but more folks need to understand, and act on and not just hear their message.

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