“Puppy” isn’t just an age

It is a learned behavior!

It wasn’t me!

How many times have you seen a puppy nipping at hands, jumping all over the furniture and going to the bathroom where ever they please? How many times have you heard the excuse, “Oh she’s just a puppy…”

… Until that puppy is a giant black lab and her cute little antics aren’t so cute anymore.

What starts off as a cute puppy habit turns out to be supremely annoying. No one wants a dog that tears up  your brand new heels!  It’s never too early to start training your puppy. Just like raising children, whatever behavior is allowed from an early age, is a learned behavior your puppy will think is acceptable in to adulthood. It’s easier to teach your puppy from an early age what is acceptable behavior, and to nip bad behavior in the bud before it’s too late!

It is my belief that there are no bad dogs… only untrained dogs! And these dogs are more likely to end up in a shelter, because of their supposed “high maintenance”… Which means that they are more likely to wind up euthanized and that is something that no one wants for their pet!

My advice to you is to study up! Read dog training articles, read dog books and just educate yourself! Your dog gets all of their cues from you, even when you don’t know you are giving them! There are so many dog trainers out there and their whole job is to just help you get your puppy to listen. Even if you aren’t sure that you need one, call the trainer. Talk to them and tell them what is going on. They will tell you exactly what you need!

It was the cat…

One trainer that I have been following on facebook is the Canine Connection LLC and it is in Dubuque, Iowa. I recommend them 100%. They follow my “positive reinforcement” beliefs and they do it all: puppy training, group classes, private classes, an in-home sessions! If you are in need of any training tips, please contact Canine Connection LLC 🙂 Also, feel free to “like” them on facebook! They are great about giving dog training tips!


Do you have any trainers that you recommend 100%? Please leave their info in the comment box! It doesn’t matter which state you are in! People ALL OVER need advice.


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Did you buy your puppy? Are you 100% sure the breeder you used is reputable?

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