Juveniles Torturing Pets

Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar”.

The meaning behind this quote goes deeper than many realize. It is so important in today’s society to teach our children WHILE THEY ARE YOUNG not to abuse animals. This seems like such a silly concept, but it is the truth.  There is a proven link between children and young adults that abuse and torture animals and adults that are abusive (or kill). I am not saying that in every case the child will turn into Michael Myers, but corrections to need to be made. I decided to write this blog a month or so ago, when I saw my neighbor kid throwing rocks at my dog when he was chained in my backyard for literally five minutes! . When we confronted the kid, he just ran away… WHERE WERE HIS PARENTS? My poor dog was just looking at him with a sad look on his face like, “why are you hurting me?” It is terrible…

I am going to talk about a few animal abuse cases from juveniles, and I am very sorry if it offends anyone. Through all of my research, I haven’t been able to find a database that focuses on children and teenagers abusing animals. These stories are hard to read, but they need to be told. By educating everyone that reads this, my hope is that one day parents will be responsible enough to stop these crimes before that happen. You do not have to read any further, if you don’t want to. As I have said, I do not mean to “scare” anyone into helping. I just think that these stories need to be out in the open so everyone can see what is really going on.

*Feel free to comment on this a let me know of any other cases, I will gladly add them to this post! Thank you*

October 2007- Three teens were taken into custody because they tortured a dog relentlessly by throwing him repeatedly from a two story window, breaking both of its legs. As if that wasn’t enough, the 12 year old, 13 year old and 15 year old hung him by his neck and struck him over and over with sticks. When he STILL wasn’t dead, they decided to cut off his head. Now this wasn’t some stray dog, this was Tobey a small dog owned by their 16 year old neighbor. The teens kidnapped him from the yard and made him suffer that awful, awful fate.

November 2007- Two teenagers were charged in the deaths of over 30 fish after they dumped liquid and powder dishwashing detergent into the neighbors Koi pond.

December 2007- Two teenagers admitted to putting their neighbor’s cat into the microwave after breaking in and stealing the cat from its own home. THEY ONLY RECEIVED 100 hours of community service :/

October 2008- A 13 year old child was taken into custody after TORTURING an 8 year old yellow lab mix. The young boy shot the dog in the leg with a sharp hunting arrow, shot him in the face with buckshot, and then dragged him around. ”Yellow” lived thanks to rescue groups and donations made to his cause.  He is a happy therapy dog now.

June 2009- An 18 year old was charged with 19 counts of animal cruelty after authorities found dozens of deceased cats that were beaten, skinned, and sliced open.

May 2010- Two teenagers broke into their neighbor’s house and broke their dachshunds neck. They were apparently robbing the place, and they dog wouldn’t stop barking.

January 2011- Two teens were arrested after videos on their phones surfaced of the teenagers savagely beating four kittens to death.

June 2011- In the span of TWO DAYS five terrible acts of cruelty occurred in the same town.  Firstly, a six year old boy decided to glue a kittens mouth shut and then drown him.  Next, a group of kids between 8 and 11 beat a dog to death and then buried him in the backyard. And lastly, a 16 year old boy set a dachshund on fire for the fun of it. The dog lived, but had severe burns and will never be the same. Someone from the city shelter went on record saying “Part of me wants to believe that this is just kids not understanding the consequences of what they’re doing, but I do think it’s a failure on the part of the parents…” (the other two cases were from adults)

June 2011- An 18 year old decided to slit his grandparent’s Chihuahua’s throat. He is currently out on bail.

June 2011- Two teens were charged with tying dogs up and burying them alive.

June 2011- Three teens are charged with shooting OVER 100 CATS! They drove around in a truck with a shotgun and killed any animal they saw walking around. That includes 100 cats, a few dogs and some deer. Each teen (16, 16, and 17 yrs old) are being held on $25,000 bail.

June 2011- A pregnant mother allowed her two sons (8 years old and 5) to torture two baby kittens. A witness stepped in and saved one of them after noticing the children throw the kitten and beat him with a metal baseball bat. Upon surveying the area, the witness noticed the second kitten tossed into a trash can, its head soaked from being drowned and its throat was slit open. She was taken into custody.

July 2011- A man jumped into a canal to save a 3 year old Shih Tzu from drowning. Three teens had tied her back legs to bricks and shoved her into a plastic sack. The dog ended up living, but is currently on pain medication, while awaiting her surgery.

Sept/Oct 2011- Warren County, Iowa…  Three teens admitted to taking out their rifle and shooting what they “thought” was a feral cat. This cat turned out to belong to the family that lived next door and these boys had been in the house over 100 times. Upon realizing it was the neighbors cat, they freaked and dumped it on a dirt road (while it was still alive and fightingfor its life). How did they get caught? They were bragging the next day at school and the cat belonged to a classmate. Needless to say charges were filed. If there can be any happy ending to this, I would say it is that the cat, Chester, found his way home a week later. Meowing at the back door and still suffering from the 3 gunshot wounds , the family rushed the cat to the vet and he should make it! The charges are still pending, but that poor kitty will never be the same

This isn’t the best written blog that I have done, and I apologize. I am usually very passionate about what I am writing. But this one is different… It hits way too close to home. Please, Parents, educate your children. Don’t let them harm defenseless animals.