Arizona BoB Team

We are so happy to announce another Bailing Out Benji Volunteer Team, this time in Arizona! AZ is a state with very few actual puppy mills, but what they lack in large scale commercial dog breeding facilities, they make up for in pet stores that sell puppies from puppy mills. It is time to combine efforts and put a stop to the puppy mill pipeline once and for all.

Here is a little background on the team in Arizona and what they have accomplished so far:

Puppy Mill Free Arizona started in 2016, after activists in Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson managed to pass local ordinances to ban the sale of commercially bred puppies in pet stores.   Unfortunately, these commercial pet sales bans have never been enacted due to a series of events, strengthening our need for local activism. 

Phoenix passed the first pet sales ban ordinance in 2013, but the ordinance was held up in court after Puppies N’Love, the largest puppy-selling pet store chain in Arizona, sued the city of Phoenix.  In 2015, a federal judge ruled in favor of the city of Phoenix, but Puppies N’Love filed an appeal.  The appeal process is currently ongoing.  The city of Tucson decided not to enact their commercial pet sales ban, pending a decision from the appeals court. 

In 2016, the city of Tempe voted unanimously to enact a commercial pet sales ban, naming it June’s Law after a puppy mill survivor named June, adopted by Team Leader Nicole GalvanUnfortunately, just months after Tempe’s commercial pet sales ban passed, the state legislature passed a bill that prohibits cities from regulating pet sales.  This was a major setback in our efforts to stop the puppy mill industry in Arizona, but we continue to fight.   

Puppy Mill Free Arizona is a grassroots effort that protests every weekend in front of malls that have pet stores.  We are focused on educating the public and lawmakers about puppy mills.  We will speak on behalf of puppy mill dogs until the state of Arizona no longer supports the puppy mill industry. 

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