BoB State Teams

Bailing Out Benji, which was founded in 2011, is known for being a small nonprofit organization that makes huge waves with limited resources.  Bailing Out Benji was founded by Mindi Callison, when she was 21 years old. Mindi learned about the puppy mill industry after purchasing a puppy from a pet store and then learning about where her puppy was really born. It wasn’t until 2016 that Bailing Out Benji expanded out of Iowa to other states in the country. 

Whether we are peacefully protesting, educating at events or hosting presentations, our volunteers are making an impression wherever we go. We are most well-known for our research we do that connects pet stores with the actual puppy mills they source from. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Bailing Out Benji, please use the form below and we will reach out to you about becoming a member of our team!