A Rare Breed of Love

* William Baldwin  * Paul Harvey   * Lindsay Lohan     *Amy Sedaris     *Moby       *The New York Mets          *Joel McHale      *Montel Williams       * Steven Tyler       *Noah Wyle              * Judge Judy                  * Barack Obama

What do all of these people have in common? Baby, a three legged poodle. These famous men and woman have had the life-changing opportunity to have crossed paths with this puppy mill rescue.

A Rare Breed of Love, by Jana Kohl is a terrific book and very moving story of Baby who has had two very different lives. Before she was nine years old,  Baby was kept locked in a filthy cage and produced litter after litter of puppies to be sold for a profit.  Her owner, a California puppy mill owner,  was incredibly cruel.  To cut down on barking, every dog on site had its vocal cords cut (this usually happens by someone jamming a metal rod down the throat)  Baby’s only value to the mill owner was her ability to produce puppies.  When she was too old to breed anymore, the mill owner was going to have her and some other mothers killed because they were no longer useful to the owner. This is the day her second life began.

A good Samaritan rescued the dogs, and Baby was later adopted by Jana Kohl, the author of the book.  Jana and Baby wrote the book to bring attention to the terrible puppy mill problem here in the US.  The rest is history. Baby traveled across America, meeting so many people, and changing so many lives on the way.

This book gives us an amazing look into the world of puppy mills, and the life that can be given to a dog that was once treated like property. The reason I am writing this blog is because I have been in contact with Jana Kohl and not only did she give me 25 copies to sell (with all of the proceeds going to any organization that is working to fight puppy mills), she gave me my very own autographed copy!

So there you have it. A Rare Breed of Love by Jana Kohl! Please read it, or at least flip through and look at some of the entertaining pictures! 🙂


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